DNA-Based Mixed Breed Test for Dogs

Stop playing ‘name that mix’ and put your mixed-breed dog’s DNA to the test.

Pet owners who wonder what breeds make up their mixed-up mutt can stop guessing and put their dog’s DNA to the test. Mars Veterinary, a division of Mars Inc., recently launched a new DNA test to help owners learn more about the genetics of their canine.

The Wisdom Panel MX Mixed Breed Analysis test can detect more than 130 breeds that may be present in a mixed dog, covering 99 percent of American Kennel Club registered dogs, according to the company.

Since the test includes the analysis of more than 19 million DNA markers from more than 13,000 dogs, the DNA test has an 84 percent accuracy rate, according to the company. The test requires a DNA sample from the dog, which can be obtained through a blood sample taken by a veterinarian. For more information, visit www.whatsmydog.com

A similar test from MetaMorphix Inc., the Canine Heritage Breed Test, requires a DNA cheek swab from your dog, which is then sent to the company for analysis. The MetaMorphix test identifies 38 potential breeds, but a company spokesperson says the test will identify more than 116 breeds by the end of the year. Visit www.canineheritage.com for more information.

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