DIY: Stylish Winter Coat for Your Dog

This Professor Pincushion tutorial provides step-by-step instructions.

Dog Coat

 Professor Pincushion/YouTube

It’s wintertime, which means we all bundle up in our hats, gloves and scarves along with our winter coats (and maybe even a mug of hot chocolate). But what about our dogs? They might like a nice winter coat too, especially when we take them for walks or they just want to look nice and stylish (or, you know, fancy).

Professor Pincushion has posted a video tutorial on YouTube offering up step-by-step instructions on how to make a winter coat for your dog.

The best part? You get to choose the fleece so the coat will be dog fancy based on your (and your dog’s) taste – I may go with turquoise for my dogs. If you make the coat for your canine companion, be sure to share a photo of him or her in it on the Dog Fancy Facebook page.


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