DIY “Stained Glass” Cat Vase

For Valentine's Day, why not craft a cat-tastic way to hold flowers?

Flowers are a given at Valentine’s Day, so why not make them special this year by presenting them in a handmade, “stained glass” cat vase, sure to delight any cat lover? This technique using special paint and “lead” lines is easy once you get the hang of it and allows you to create the perfect vase to match the flowers you are giving, or the décor of the receiver’s house. You’ll be surprised how purrrfect it looks!


  • Vase
  • I bought mine at a Thrift Store for $2! Flat vases are easier to do then curved.

  • Glass Paint
  • I like Gallery Glass by Plaid Enterprise brand. Choose whatever colors you want

  • “Lead”Lines
  • I like Redi-Lines, also by Plaid Enterprises. You can also use liquid leading paint, but that adds the extra step of waiting for it to dry before you can paint.

  • Liquid Leading
  • Again, I used Gallery Glass

  • Box cutter or scissors
  • Black dry erase marker
  • Optional:

  • Cat stencil or cut out silhouettes.
    I did a quick Google search for “cat silhouettes” and got plenty to choose from. Or, if you are artistic, draw free hand!
  • How to Make a Stained Glass Cat Vase
    1. Make sure your vase is clean and dry.
    2. Using your black dry erase marker, draw your design on the first side of your vase. The beauty of the dry erase is how easy it is to remove it if you mess up. However, be careful about where you have drawn so you do not accidentally erase it with your arm. If you are using a cat stencil, like I did, just hold it in place while you draw. If you use tape, you will have remove the adhesive that gets left behind, so I did not recommend that.  
    TIP: Do one side at a time for each step! Wait until the other side is completely dry before doing another side. Avoid laying a finished side down and pushing on it. I propped my vase at an angle using a large bottle.
    3. Once you have your design, start laying the Redi-Lines on top of the black outline you have made. Use scissors to cut the lines when necessary.
    TIPS: Tight turns are easier if you cut the Redi-lines at the point. To optimize line usage, do all the big lines first, and then use the scraps to fill in small spaces.
    4. Use the Liquid lining to seal all connection points on the Redi-Lines. Allow to dry thoroughly.
    TIPS: Don’t worry about blobs of liquid leading. The leading is what makes it look like stained glass, which has globs of solder. Having a globs at different points will make it look more realistic.
    5. Once dry, you can begin painting. Because the lines are separating the colors, you can do the whole side at once. The paint will come out opaque, don’t worry! It will dry semi-transparent. Allow it to dry thoroughly, at least overnight.

    All done! Just five easy steps!

    Wash your vase by hand with cold water and gently to avoid removing your artwork. You can put real or fake flowers in, though fake flowers are cheaper, last forever, and you don’t have to worry about kitty accidentally eating a poisonous flower. And, I recommend buying more than one vase, because you are going to end up wanting our own when you’re done.

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