DIY Selfie Setup Lets Dog Text Pics

Someone figured out how to get dogs to take selfies and then text them to us. The future is now!

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Say "Cheese!"Via Mashable/YouTube

People are pretty disappointed at the lack of jet packs and moving sidewalks and the other fun technology promised during Space Age America. But, better than all that, we now have a way for dogs to text us selfies.

A coder has taught his puppy to shoot a selfie and text it to him, Mashable reports. Greg Baugues, who works for tech company Twilio, first trained his puppy, Kaira, to turn on a light switch, then decided to up her game for the Instagram era.

Is this the hardest part of the process? Via Mashable/YouTube

Is this the hardest part of the process? Via Mashable/YouTube

Baugues built a box with an Arduino Yún microcontroller and a giant red button. Then he connected it to his computer’s wifi and entered some code. If you are interested in tackling this project, it apparently can be done.

Once you set up this system, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.Via Mashable/YouTube

Once you set up this system, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Via Mashable/YouTube

“Using some easily obtainable parts, some basic programming and the Twilio service, you too can have your best buddy sending you selfies while you’re at the office,” the YouTube text reads.

Having our dogs send ridiculous photos of themselves to us might be worth the investment to learn a little code. Thank you, technology! You did your job.

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