DIY Cat Toys: Easter Egg Mice

Easy-to-make Easter-egg cat toys are fun and festive.

Your cat will go crazy for these Easter egg mice.

Easy and fun to make, these plastic egg mice are perfect for the active cat – the unbalance egg shape makes them move in weird ways, which cats love – and last a lot longer than hard-boiled eggs.

I have to say this might just be my favorite craft yet, these little guys are so cute, they might end up as my table decoration before the cats get them!


  • Plastic treat eggs. I found these fun pastels at a craft store. Ones with holes in the larger end are easiest to use for these toys.
  • Assorted feathers
  • Permanent markers. You can use black, but I found the colors much more fun
  • Sand, plastic beads or anything else you can think of to put inside the egg. Experiment with different things to make different sounds.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Drill with a 5/64 or 3/32 bit (if needed)


  • Step 1. If your eggs do not have holes in the larger side, very slowly drill holes with care, so as not to crack the plastic.
  • Step 2. Draw your mouse face on the “peak” end of the egg. I found it easier to just hold the entire egg while I drew, but you could also take it apart and set it flatly on the table.

    Tip: If you mess up, nail polish remover can erase the permanent marker. Thoroughly wash off the remover afterward for the safety of your cat!

  • Step 3. Thread feathers through holes and hot glue them to the egg on the inside.
  • Step 4. Fill the egg about ¼ full with a fun, jangly filling of your choice, such as sand, beads, salt, etc.
  • Close the egg up and you are all done! Your kitty is sure to have fun with this colorful spring mouse toy!
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