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DIY Cat Toy: Leaf Dangler

Get easy instructions on making your own fishing-pole type toy for cats.

Leaf Dangler
This fun kitty toy is perfect for cats that like to pounce and chase. Also, unlike some commercial cat toys, it’s easy to replace one of the leaves if the line gets broken or the leaf gets damaged – simply make a new leaf, and tie the fishing line on to the pole.

•    10 4-by-4-inch cotton squares – oranges, reds and browns for fall; reds, greens, blues and white for winter
•    1 24-inch long dowel
•    Brown paint
•    15 pound fishing line roll
•    Leaf Pattern
•    Scissors
•    Paintbrush
•    Sewing machine or needle and thread
•    Pins
•    Fillers for leaves – catnip, stuffing, plastic, fabric, etc.

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