DIY Cat Toy: Crinkle Sack

Make your own cat toy with these simple instructions.

Crinkle Sack
If your cat prefers sleeping to playing, then make this fun cubby. For this example, we designed the cat toy to look like a pumpkin. It not only looks adorable sitting out during fall, but your cat is sure to love it.

•    36-inch-long by 16-inch-wide piece of fabric. We choose soft cuddly fleece, but cotton would work too. Note: if you have a particular large kitty, you might want to widen and lengthen your bag so accommodate. Your cat should be able to crawl in and turn around in the sack.
•    Enough newspaper to cover the fabric
•    23-inch-long by 5-inch-wide piece of fabric for trim. We used the same fabric, although you could use a coordinating color or pattern if you wish.
•    Thread
•    Scissors

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