Disney Remake of ‘Underdog’ Wants Your Dog

Winner of the Underdog Super Pet Contest will appear in the remake of "Underdog” with Jim Belushi.

Should your dog be in pictures? Well, here’s your chance.

The Walt Disney Co. and the filmmakers behind an upcoming remake of “Underdog” are looking for a special dog to appear in the movie, which will star Jim Belushi.

If your dog knows a special trick – or is just downright cute – enter him or her in the Underdog Super Pet Contest for a chance to win an appearance in the updated version of the film that made famous the line, “There’s no need to fear. Underdog is here!”

The winner and his owner will also attend the film’s world premiere in Los Angeles.

To enter, visit www.disney.com/UnderdogContest and submit a video or photo of your dog doing something “super” – from looking super sharp to attempting a super trick. The filmmakers will chose 10 finalists and post the videos or pictures on the contest site. Visitors will get to vote for their favorite from June 8 to 14.

The film tells the story of an ordinary Beagle who finds himself with special powers and the ability to speak after a lab experiment by maniacal scientist Dr. Simon Barsinister goes awry. When Barsinister threatens to destroy Capitol City, only the rhyme-loving, crime-fighting Underdog can save the day.

Deadline to submit entries is June 1st.

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