Disappearing Amazon Egg

Q:  We have a pair of Amazons.  We had an egg in the nest box. It was in the nest two days ago when we checked, but tonight the egg is gone and no baby bird.  What happened?  Also, will they re-mate?

Jean Pattison explains nesting problems in African greysJean Pattison, also known as “The African Queen,” explains:

There is not much background information in your post in regards to species of Amazon you have, if they are domestic or tame, how often you check the nest box, or if there are neighboring birds etc. As a general rule, Amazons are very nervous birds when they have eggs or chicks. Very often, just checking the nest box may cause them to break eggs or kill chicks. Once an egg or chick has died, they will destroy any remains to keep from attracting any predators. In the future, try to check the nest while both parents are out, and you may have to cover the entrance hole. Even then, they can jump back in and do damage, since they will be upset. They will probably go back to nest.

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