Disagreement on Raw-Meat Diet for Dogs

A vet and a breeder disagree on raw-meat diets, leaving the owner caught in the middle.

Q. My wife and I have recently added a Native American Indian Dog to our family. The breeder has been breeding dogs for about 30 years and has always fed her dogs a raw diet. Taking her advice, we have been feeding our dog a balanced diet of raw food including meat. Our new vet is totally against a raw-meat diet. I am torn and concerned about what to do. Could you please give me your opinion on this matter?

A. As you have quickly discovered, feeding raw diets is a controversial subject, with passionate arguments made by both camps. You shouldn’t have to be put in the awkward position of choosing between the conflicting advice given by your breeder and your veterinarian.

Many committed breeders are having great success feeding raw, with excellent results in breeds from Chihuahuas to Irish Wolfhounds. Many veterinarians are likewise proponents of this practice.

If you are confident in your breeder and happy with the condition of her dogs, which are being fed a natural diet, then continue. You may also want to find a veterinarian whose personal philosophies are more in sync with those of your breeder, so you don’t get stuck in this position again. Since you have a fairly rare breed, get referrals from your breeder, or have her put you in touch with other owners in your part of the country.

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