Disabled Dog Gets Second Chance After Owners Wanted Him Euthanized

When Tiger heals from his surgery, the The Fuzzy Pet Foundation will put him up for adoption.

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Tiger underwent surgery to repair a slipped disc in his spine, but the owner’s didn’t want to care for him anymore. Via Saving Paralyzed Tiger /GoFundMe
John Virata

A Southern California dog, whose owners wanted him euthanized because they seemingly couldn’t wait for him to recover from spinal surgery, got a second chance at life when a rescue group got the owners to sign the Corgi/Chihuahua-mix over to them.

After undergoing a hemilaminectomy, to repair a slipped disc in his spine, Tiger needed time to heal. The veterinarian let the owners know that the 7-year-old dog needed several months to recover, but after just nine days post surgery, the owners asked that Tiger be euthanized because the dog couldn’t walk and needed help going to the bathroom, according to a GoFundMe page set up to help pay for Tiger’s care.

After undergoing a hemilaminectomy, to repair a slipped disc in his spine, Tiger needed time to heal. Via Saving Paralyzed Tiger/GoFundMe

The vet implored the owners to give Tiger more time, and even went so far as to build a temporary wheelchair for the dog so he could be mobile, but the owners wanted him to be put down, telling the vet a baby was on the way and they didn’t have the means to care for a handicapped dog.

Not wanting to euthanize a dog that just needed time to recover, the vet contacted The Fuzzy Pet Foundation, knowing that the Santa Monica rescue was the dog’s only chance to survive. The family agreed to sign Tiger over to the rescue, which is now caring for the dog as he recovers from surgery.

Tiger gets around with the help of a wheelchair. Via Saving Paralyzed Tiger/GoFundMe

“The surgeon says that Tiger may or may not be able to walk again, only time will tell,” the foundation wrote on Tiger’s GoFundMe page. “But most importantly, Tiger is not in any more pain, and he is a very happy boy. And he is being surrounded by people who love and care for him very, very much!”

The foundation is raising funds to help pay for a custom wheelchair and physical therapy, as well as electroacupuncture treatments and medical boarding during the times the foundation’s foster volunteers are unavailable. Tiger needs round-the-clock care.

After Tiger recovers from his surgery, he will be up for adoption.

“We cannot wait to place him into a perfect home,” The Fuzzy Pet Foundation wrote on its Facebook page.

If you wish to donate to Tiger’s care and rehabilitation, you can do so on the Saving Paralyzed Tiger GoFundMe page.

We are all hoping for a solid recovery Tiger!

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