Disabled Dog Daisy Runs For First Time After Receiving Prosthetic Legs

Daisy's new prothetic legs allow her play like any other puppy, and it's all thanks to generous donors.

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Running and playing like never before, Daisy has a new leash on life.

As most of the country readies for a “Day of Thanks,” one Lomita, California, puppy is probably thankful for the new leash on life she recently received from her forever family.

Daisy was abandoned on the streets of Los Angles at the young age  of 2 months old, ABC 7 reports. After ending up in an area shelter, she was saved by the rescue group A Home Forever just days from being euthanized.

The adorable dog, with her signature underbite, has congenital deformation of her elbows, right shoulder and back hips, reportedly making it difficult to walk… and running was entirely out of the question. But then Christian and Sheena Main came along and adopted the physically-challenged dog — doing something many individuals wouldn’t do.

Daisy is sending love and underbite kisses to everyone around the world ???? #underbiteunite #daisyabled

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“I wanted a special needs dog because I know they have a difficult time finding a forever home,” Sheena Main told ABC 7. “But I like to focus on what they can do instead of what they’re unable to do.” Last month, the Mains set up a donation page to help buy Daisy prosthetic limbs, which would enable her to get around better and on her own. And animal lovers didn’t disappointing, donating more than the couple ever imagined. “We received so much money that we had to send money back,” Christian Main told the news station. The Mains say they hope to continue to raise awareness for special needs dogs. The more than 300,00 YouTube and Facebook views of Daisy playing with her friend Mickey, as well as the overwhelming support through donations, have shown them how Daisy can make a difference in the lives of so many — both human and canine.

Daisy is now RUNNING! Both her ears and spirit are bouncing with joy. #underbiteunite #daisyabled A video posted by Daisy Underbite (@underbiteunite) on

“She’s just courageous,” Sheena Main told ABC 7. “She’s had a lot of challenges in her life that I would’ve never been able to conquer.”

“Ever since Sheena showed me how great dogs can be,” Christian Main added, “I just want to save them all.”

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