Disabled Chihuahua Puppy Receives a Generous Gift

A high-tech solution for an unfortunate situation.

3D printing is everywhere these days. Designers are using it for all kinds of things from auto parts, prosthetics, rocket fuel injectors, even human body parts. 3D printing is the production of an object from a computer model and constructed by a robot in successive layers of material. Why am I telling you this? Sounds like a tech blog. Trust me, there’s a good reason, and his name is TurboRoo.



TurboRoo is a Chihuahua puppy in Indianapolis, IN. Unfortunately, he was born without his two front legs. Worried, his breeder surrendered him to a vet clinic in Indianapolis, because she knew he would need some special attention. The vet clinic set up a fund for TurbRoo on fundraising website YouCaring.com, asking for $600 for a special wheelchair suited for his size and needs.  In the meantime, he was using a makeshift wheelchair from old toy parts.


Turbo Roo

The support was overwhelming. Almost immediately, the donations started pouring in. At the time of this writing, $3,629 has been donated from 144 supporters. Obviously, they have well exceeded what they need for his wheelchair, but that doesn’t even matter, because his wheels have already been made, for free.

3dyn is a 3D printing design company in San Diego. When the president of 3dyn, Mark Deadrick, a mechanical engineer, found out about TurboRoo’s situation, he took it upon himself to create a sophisticated device for the puppy to get around in. So far, Deadrick has built three different version for TurboRoo, each with its own modifications and improvements. He attached skateboard wheels to the cart, and voila! TurboRoo was on the move!





Rescue Trurbo Roo



Turbo, indeed. Looks like he is ready for the races! It is very heartwarming to hear a story like this where a community donates all kinds of money for a dog they don’t even know to be able to have a happy life and then someone else comes along and uses their creative skills to better his life. If you want to follow TurboRoo’s adventures on Twitter, his handle is @RooTurbo.


Rescue Chihuahua Turbo Roo



Can you think of any other uses for 3D printing to help out disabled dogs? Let us know in the comments below.

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