Director of Barketing

Charismatic Cairn Terrier receives promotion after serving as canine ambassador.

Cairn Terrier Hairy Putter is a dogged worker, for sure! The “Director of Barketing” for Visit Mendocino County, Inc. promotes pet-friendly businesses and travel throughout this picturesque region, north of San Francisco.

“We are thrilled and honored to have such an esteemed member of the canine community join our marketing efforts,” says VMC president and CEO Scott Schneider. “Hairy has proven to be an invaluable partner and ambassador for Mendocino County.”

Harry promotes Mendocino County and its miles of rugged coastline, redwood forests and wineries via his blog ( and “Hairy Putter Pet-Friendly Travel Guide to Mendocino County,” now in its third edition.

Schneider says that in Mendocino County, nearly 78% of pet owners travel with pets in tow.

“With pet-friendly travel being one of the fastest-growing segments of travel, having Hairy as part of our team will ensure the county maximizes the benefits of this growth,” he says.
To learn more, visit Hairy’s Blog or click here.

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