Digital Dog Trails Shoppers At The Mall To Promote Pet Adoption

A cute pup follows shoppers from digital billboard to digital billboard as part of an innovative UK pet adoption campaign.

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A shaggy pooch named Barley follows shoppers around the mall to raise awareness of shelter pets in need.

It’s so hard to ignore a playful pooch when he looks at you with his big puppy dog eyes and a toothy grin across his face. And that seems to be exactly what Battersea Dogs and Cat Home in the United Kingdom is banking on with its new pet adoption campaign.

As part of the “Looking For You” adoption campaign, a digital pooch named Barley trails shoppers from billboard to billboard in East London’s Westfield Stratford mall, reports AdWeek.

"Won't you take me home?" Via Battersea Dogs and Cats Home/ OgilvyOne/Vimeo

“Won’t you take me home?” Via LookingForYou/Vimeo

So, how does it work? Shoppers are given a leaflet embedded with a microchip, which allows Barley to track them as move throughout the mall — and of course, to remind them of how important it is to rescue a homeless animal.

It’s clear from a promotional video, released a few days ago, that shoppers are intrigued by the innovative campaign. Many stopped to marvel over the shaggy canine’s ability to follow them from place to place, and some made sure to give one of the puppies from Battersea that were up for adoption a quick pet.

"Adopt, don't shop!" Via Battersea Dogs and Cats Home/Vimeo

“Come to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home to find your new best friend!”Via LookingForYou/Vimeo

“We’re using innovative technology in a way that has never been seen before, and we hope more of our abandoned animals find loving homes because of it,” Carly Whyborn, head of operations at Battersea, told Ad Week.

Even if you’re not in the United Kingdom and can’t adopt from Battersea, you can still take the message of the “Looking For You” campaign to heart by either volunteering at a local shelter, donating to a rescue or adopting a homeless pet of your very own.

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