Diet Buddies

My cat Fudge and I are teaming up to take off a few pounds.

Yay! Fudge and I are starting off 2010 on a really good footing; we’ve both lost weight.

Putting a cat on a diet is a really difficult thing to do; they really don’t get it.

It was toward the middle of last year that I noticed that Fudge was getting rather spherical. The problem was she kept helping herself to Cali’s food, which was a specially formulated diet to deal with her diabetes and kidney issues. It certainly wasn’t doing Fudge any good. And we all know how difficult, in fact impossible, it is to try and get cats to stick to their own food bowls.

When treats arrive for testing, the first thing I do is read the labels to ascertain the contents. I started only giving her functional treats that serve a purpose such as aiding dental tartar control or contained glucosamine and chondrotin to assist with joint issues. And I count calories on her behalf. If the packaging says less than 2 calories per treat, Fudge is allowed to indulge.

When Cali passed away last May, I decided to leave her food bowl in its place and simply split Fudge’s food into the two dishes. I’ve really worked hard at measuring the portions. It is really all about portion control. It’s worked for me the last few months and it’s obviously been working for Fudge, too.

Last week, I took her to the vet for a weigh-in and she’s lost nearly 2 pounds! That’s about 14 pounds in human terms. I don’t even have to lift her up to feel the difference; you can see it. She’s gotten her glamour puss shape back again.

Sometimes when I wander into the kitchen looking for something to nosh, she’ll be sitting on the kitchen counter and stares at me as if to say, “Don’t eat that! It’s not worth it.”

It’s working because I usually reach for a glass of water, or if it’s cold, some ginger tea instead.

Who says cats don’t make good diet buddies?

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