Did First Dog Bo Poop on Air Force One?

Washington is abuzz over the Portuguese Water Dog’s pooping habits.

In gossip-loving Washington D.C., the question keeps swirling: Did Bo Obama poop on Air Force One?

Or, as The Wall Street Journal so memorably put it, “Did the first dog leave a number two on Air Force One?”

The wags also say a flight attendant nearly stepped in Bo’s present. The official word on the story from the White House is a resounding no, and a government airline carpet contractor didn’t return the Journal’s calls. But many say the answer is yes.

“Of course the dog accident on Air Force One happened,” Herb McConnell, the former public affairs officer for Andrews Air Force Base, home of Air Force One, told the Journal.

McConnell says he checked with two contacts at the 89th Airlift Wing, which includes Air Force One, and they confirmed the story. Neither would comment officially, he says, because it’s strict Air Force policy not to discuss passengers’ activities.

McConnell called the story “funny” and “logical.”

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