Deworming Treatments

Various agents have different purposes in the fight against internal parasites.

Cat Fancy- Deworming- August 2011

Worms. Just saying the word makes you want to wash your hands and take a shower. But today, with all the options available to combat and prevent them, there’s no reason to make your cat endure unauthorized passengers.

Over the last four months we’ve discussed internal parasites at length. This month, you can compare the pros and cons of the deworming agents.

While some dewormers are available without a prescription or over the counter, talk to your veterinarian. Don’t try to figure it out on your own. Some symptoms commonly associated with a parasitic infection could actually be symptoms of a much more serious condition. Also, some of these deworming medications require critically accurate dosing. Accidental overdosing can have fatal consequences.

Each deworming medication has positive and negative points. Various forms are available, including topical solutions, tablets, capsules, chewables, as well as oral liquid suspensions. This chart is designed as a service to

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