Deviled Doggie Eggs

A classic snack gets a canine makeover for a healthy doggie treat.

Deviled eggs are a classic party snack for any occasion, but are always popular for football because of their resemblance to a football shape and of course are always a hit at Easter. With a few small adjustments, deviled eggs can quickly become doggie delights. Filled with protein, they make a healthy and grain-free treat for you and your furry friend. As with any treat, you will want to feed in moderation, especially if it’s your first time feeding a particular snack.

Dog Friendly Eggs. Photo by Samantha Meyers


  • Eggs – as many as you like!
  • Plain, Unsweetened Yogurt – 1 Tbsp for every 2 eggs
Hard-boiled eggs. Photo by Samantha Meyers


  1. Hard boil your eggs. You can use any method  you like, but this one worked for us
    • Put eggs in a pot and cover them with an inch of water.
    • Put a cover on the pot and bring the water to a boil.
    • Once boiling, remove the pot  and let sit 15 minutes.  
    • Run eggs under cold water and place in refrigerator to cool.
  2. Once eggs are cooled peel and slice in half the long way.
  3. Remove all of the yolks and place them in a bowl
  4. Add yogurt (approximately 1 Tbsp for every 2 eggs) and mix until you get a creamy consistency.
  5. Scoop mixture into the eggs, or if you want to be fancy, scoop mixture into a plastic bag. Cut the tip off of the bag and squeeze egg mixture back into the egg whites.

 Eggs and yogurt. Photo by Samantha Meyers

 Eggs in a bag. Photo by Samantha Meyers FaFilling deviled eggs. Photo by Samantha Meyers 

Deviled Eggs. Photo by Samantha Meyers

For Humans: The eggs are tasty on their own and the yogurt adds a nice tang, but if you want them to be spiced up for human consumption, set aside a set of yolks for the dog and mix according to the recipe above. In the human mixture add salt, pepper, paprika and a touch of red pepper to taste. Just be sure to label clearly which is which to avoid a mix-up! While people will appreciate the added flavor, dogs won’t know the difference and don’t need the sodium and spice.

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