Determining Ferret Gender

Follow these tips to tell the difference between a male ferret and a female ferret.

Q: How can you tell the sex on ferrets? I’m thinking about getting two of them.

A: Unlike young rabbits and rodents, it should be very easy to determine a male from a female ferret, even the youngest of ferrets. Most ferrets in the United States and other parts of the world are sold after being neutered. This means you will not see a scrotal sac with testes in the sac for male ferrets.

When holding a ferret, turn it on its back. If it is male, there will be a prepuce along the abdomen. It will be midline and about three quarters of the way down the abdomen from the head. If it is female, a very small vulva will be present next to the base of the tail. Next to the vulva and nearer to the tail base is the anus. It is nearly impossible to confuse a male ferret with a female ferret.

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