Determined Mother Cat Reunites with Kittens

A mother cat followed a scent trail to find the kittens that were brought to vet clinic.

You can’t mess with a mother’s love – or her maternal drive. Case in point, a tabby cat in Whangarei, New Zealand, who tracked her kittens via scent in order to be reunited with her offspring.

Dr. Julie Wills, DVM, owner of Mill Road Vet Clinic, says that her staff arrived at work last week to a surprise: an abandoned cardboard box containing four kittens estimated to be three to four weeks of age. Rather than turning the kittens over to the SPCA, Mill Road staff fell in love with the tiny creatures, and decided to care for them.

“We took them in and got them all set up in the incubator. We all fell in love with them. We did have the option of taking them to the SPCA but decided because they were so adorable we were happy to look after them,” Wills told The Northern Advocate.

One technician took the kitten’s home with her overnight, but the next day, a new surprise awaited staff: a determined tabby planted at the clinic door, desperately trying to make her way inside.

“Even when dogs came through the door this cat was trying to muscle its way through,” said Wills.

Confused yet intrigued by the feline’s resolve, Mill Road employees picked the cat up, quickly realizing that she was a nursing mother. Putting two and two together, staff immediately brought the Tabby to the incubator, where her kittens were being held.

“She dived in there and was licking them and really excited to see them,” Wills said. “Within minutes all the staff had abandoned their work and were watching.”

Dr. Wills believes that the mother cat was abandoned with the kittens, but managed to make her way out of the box.

“She would have been hanging around the clinic working out how to get in for 24 hours,” said Wills.

Mom and kittens are currently being fostered by a family member of one of Mill Road Vet Clinic’s staff veterinarians. It is expected that the kittens will be ready for adoption in four weeks’ time.

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