Destruction is the demolition of anything comes within range of a parrot's beak


The demolition of anything that comes within range of the beak of a parrot. Depending on the specific beak, items destroyed can range from toys to woodwork to furniture to walls, including such important paper objects such as stock certificates, paychecks and income tax refunds.


Chewing is considered to be a normal, instinctual behavior in psittacine birds, and this is a behavior seen in the wild as well as captivity. It would be physically and psychologically detrimental, and likely futile, to try to teach a parrot not to chew. Indeed, lots of enthusiastic chewing is considered to be a sign of a healthy, happy parrot.


Redirect this normal behavior away from things that humans value with things that are acceptable for a parrot to chew. Acceptable items include natural branches from safe trees with bark and leaves still attached; wooden toys; blocks of untreated wood; shreddable items, such as old phone books, paperbacks and cardboard; edible items, such as edible flowers, large chunks of winter squash, etc. Items to avoid include shiny colored paper (such as coupon paper), preservative-treated wood and any item that might contain lead and/or high levels of zinc.

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