Designer Dogs

Get ready for oodles of fun!

Kennel Club Books: Designer Dog Series

These Designer Dogs take Mixed Breeds from shabby to chic!

From the premier publisher of pet and animal books comes Cockapoo and Labradoodle. With their intelligence and low-shedding coats, Poodles have long been the foundation of easy-to-care-for mixed breeds. Currently wildly popular, these dogs are not to be confused with muttsthese dogs are sold for more than some purebreds.

Owners are thrilled by the dogs longevity, lack of health problems related to the popular purebred dogs, and lack of sheddingnot to mention the irresistible, fuzzy cuteness of the doodle dogs.

Each book in the Designer Dog series addresses: creation of the cross-breed, parental breeds, selection and care of the puppy, basic training and healthcare.

Look for Goldendoodle and Schnoodle coming out in June 2006!

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