Designer Doghouse Unveiled and Up For Bid

Three posh pet properties are being auctioned to raise funds for a nonprofit animal hospital.

The Animal Medical Center (AMC), a nonprofit animal hospital located in New York City, unveiled a luxury doghouse this week that will be auctioned off as part of its annual benefit. The one-of-a-kind doghouse, as well as a birdhouse and cat condo, are currently up for bid on eBay and will be auctioned off live at the AMC’s Top Dog Gala scheduled for Nov. 18 in New York City.

The money raised from the event will be used to help support the AMC’s mission of promoting the health and well-being of companion animals through advanced treatment, research, and education.

Founded in 1910, the AMC is one of New York City’s largest facilities for veterinary care, research, and education. It receives about 50,000 patient visits each year and offers a variety of free or subsidized charity programs, including the Frank V.D. Lloyd Fund for Guide Dogs, Seniors’ Animal Veterinary Effort and Patient Assistance Fund.

Last year, the Top Dog Gala raised just over $1 million for the AMC. Organizers expect to meet that mark this year.

Jeffrey Klausner, AMC CEO and president, said the charity dollars raised by the nonprofit are “incredibly critical” to support the AMC’s mission and its charity programs. “It’s going to be even more important here as we move forward these next couple of years,” he said, referring to the country’s struggling economy.

While the Top Dog Gala is an annual event, this is the first time that the AMC has commissioned architects to create items for auction. Wendy Lehman, event co-chair, said she came up with the idea as a way to spice up the fundraising event.

“I thought, what was going to be fun? What’s going to be interesting,” said Lehman, who is also a member of the AMC’s Board of Trustees. “It’s culminated in a fabulous way.”

Architects William Pedersen and Trent Tesch, of KPF in New York, N.Y., used a computer numerical control (CNC) milling machine to sculpt birch plywood into a doghouse reminiscent of a nautilus shell.

Pedersen said the inspiration for the structure came from a luxury residential building KPF is currently working on called One Jackson Square. That project, he said, utilizes the milling technology to create a unique wood lobby.

“For us, the doghouse was a very interesting thing to do not just from an artistic standpoint, but to further explore the designs we’ve had architecturally,” Pedersen said.

Tesch said they also drew from their experience as dog owners. The idea to create a round doghouse stemmed from the way dogs circle before lying down. They also equipped the doghouse with a roof made of sod for a dog to sit on.

The Top Dog Gala is scheduled to take place at The Rainbow Room in New York City on Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. For more information, call 212-329-8666.

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