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When company comes over, do they trip over chew toys, step in water bowls, and have to move your dog’s oversized bed to have room for their feet by the couch?

If so, your house might need a dog décor makeover. Our houses should be a reflection of who we are, including our passions and loves, like our dogs. With a little creativity, you can incorporate your best friend into your décor, and still have room for guests.

Robin Siegerman, interior designer and author of the book Renovation Bootcamp™: Kitchen – Design and Remodel Your Kitchen Without Losing Your Wallet Your Mind or Your Spouse, has experience incorporating the family dog into the family home. “Every client has a different wish list, but one particular client had a very large family of  five kids with a very disorganized kitchen that also had to contain a crate for Charlie the miniature red Poodle,”  says Siegerman.  ” Not only was the crate not particularly attractive, but it was always in the way.  So I designed a center island that had seating for  seven people at the counter.”

Siegerman brilliantly created a concept that allows Charlie to have a space with the family, but out from under foot.

Another company, Pawz and Rest, creates  custom designed end tables that double as a dog kennel. Since  they are custom, you can order an table that will fit any house style.

Sometimes, all you need is a simple, clean, and organized way to store all that dog “stuff.”  Mindi Morrow, owner of Red Dog Barkery, helps people create space through intelligent use of space. For example, she suggests sticking bowls under tables (no more wet feet!) and placing dog toys in stylish baskets that match your décor.

Jill M. Banks, founder of Happily Better After Room Redesign & Home Staging, created a clean look for her dog Sassi’s accessories. The white wall, shelves, and sign are clean and stylish, while the see-through containers make it easy to find toys, treats, medications, etc.
The key to organizing is not restricting yourself to “dog products.” When looking for storage, shelving, and other items, think style, not pet store. “Familiar home décor items like woven baskets, hinged boxes, or storage ottomans are ideal for storing pet toys out of sight, and they complement any style,” Banks suggests. “Wall hooks are perfect for keeping items like collars, leashes, and harnesses handy, and they come in all kinds of styles. Small chests or drawer units accommodate folded or flat-packed outerwear and “fun wear” like sweaters and t-shirts, as well as other supplies like clean-up bags, water bottles, or travel bowls.”

Don’t go to the first pet or even big box store and just buy what you find. There  are a lot more options in terms of dog beds, bowls, and other pet items online and in smaller boutique stores. Pet manufacturers are making more custom, contemporary, and clean looking items  for pets than ever before.  Dog beds and feeding dish are particularly becoming more diverse.  Banks suggests checking out WayFair, because they have many beds from many manufacturers, making it easy to compare side by side.

Make sure you know you what you want and have a plan on what you want the room to look like before you go shopping, otherwise you might come home with something that you don’t like later. Also, make you measure your space and know what will fit where. Most of all, be true to your style and create a living space where you and your dog are both comfortable.


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