Denver Pet Partners Joins American Humane

The animal-assisted therapy organization will now provide dog therapy programs for the American Humane Association.

The American Humane Association (AHA) is joining forces with Denver Pet Partners to provide animal-assisted activities and therapy services to hospitals, long-term care facilities, hospices, schools, and mental health centers. Activities incorporate volunteers who bring their dogs into long-term care facilities and visit with residents in hopes of improving their emotional and physical health.

Animal-assisted therapy uses the pet as a part of the treatment process to help motivate and teach the patient.

“American Humane has long promoted the therapeutic value of human-animal interaction,” said Marie Wheatley, American Humane president and chief executive officer. “By integrating the Denver Pet Partners organization, American Humane expands and enhances its national leadership in promoting the positive impact of the human-animal bond.”

An affiliate of the Delta Society, Denver Pet Partners was founded in 2001 and currently serves 35 facilities in the Denver metropolitan area. The American Humane Association works to protect animals and children, and is celebrating their 130th anniversary this year. The AHA is a nonprofit organization based in Denver.

“Denver Pet Partners is a perfect fit with American Humane and will help us realize our mutual dreams of animal-assisted therapy becoming recognized as a mainstream treatment option,” said Diana McQuarrie, director of Denver Pet Partners. “Together, we can increase the knowledge base about the value of the human-animal bond and the effectiveness of animal assisted activities and therapy in enhancing the healing and learning process.”

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