‘Denturized’ Dog Wins Big

Mixed breed Finnley wins the Pedigree Dentastix "Denture Your Dog” photo contest.

Mixed-breed dog FinnleyTalk about smile-worthy! Finnley of Walnut Creek, Calif., has been named the winner of the Pedigree Dentastix “Denture Your Dog” photo and caption contest. His prize? An ad in People magazine.

Finnley, a Chow-Australian Shepherd mix, also receives a one-year supply of Pedigree Dentastix Daily Oral Care Treats for Dogs. The contest received some 9,000 entries – owners uploaded a photo of their dog and “denturized” it by adding a smile, words and voice of their choice.

“It’s an honor to have Finnley selected as the winner of the ‘Denture Your Dog’ contest and to be a part of a program that is focused on educating pet owners on the importance of dental health,” says Laura Binai, Finnley’s owner. “It was funny to see Finnley with ‘dentures’ but also reminded me that pet owners need to make oral health a priority.”

Poor oral health can lead to bad breath and tooth loss and has been linked to more serious issues like heart, lung and kidney problems. Lucky for Binai, “Finnley is extremely mellow when I brush his teeth,” she says. “Usually he just chomps away at the toothbrush.”

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