Dentist Who Let Cat Roam Office Relinquishes License

Elderly tooth doctor also agrees to never practice in state of Washington again.

An elderly Spokane, Wash., dentist who let a cat roam through his examination rooms has voluntarily surrendered his license.

Henry G. Kolsrud,  82, also agreed he will never practice dentistry in Washington again, rather than face the possibility of sanctions, the states Department of Health announced on Monday, May 15.

An early 2005 investigation of his office revealed unsafe and unsanitary conditions, according to the agency.

Among the allegations against him: that a cat was allowed to roam in examination rooms; cat food was kept in the same refrigerator as dental supplies; and that he scooped up cat  feces with a spatula meant for mixing dental impression fabrication material.

Kolsrud, who had practiced dentistry since 1953, signed a Health Department order in March agreeing to surrender his license.

Posted: May 18, 2006, 5:00 a.m. EST

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