Dental Surgery Over :) Ready 2 Come Home — Cat

Cat sends text to pet parent after dentist visit.

File this under texts we’d like to receive.

After leaving her cat at the vet for dental surgery, Australian Redittor user thesciencechick was pleasantly surprised to find that, later in the day, her considerate kitty had sent her a heartwarming photo and text providing an update on her surgical status.

“My cat had a dentist appointment today. The vet sent this photo and message when she woke up,” thesciencechick posted with the accompanying screenshot of the adorable gesture.

Laced with emoticons, an outpouring of love, valuable info on how the feline was currently feeling and when she could be picked up, as well as a photo of the groggy yet gorgeous cat, we can’t help but to envy this pet parent; and ask the very important question: why can’t we all receive texts like this?

Has your cat (or vet) ever texted you?

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