Denise Richards Adopts a Dachshund

The actress adds a rescue Dachshund named Moby to her family.

Denise Richards’s dog family is big – and it just got bigger, thanks to the addition last week of a new rescue dog, Dachshund Moby.

“He’s a very sweet, loving dog,” Richards told People. “He’s part of the family already.”

The 3-year-old Dachshund is getting to know Richards’s other dogs – Rose, Lulu, Sara, Hank, Tina, George and Lucy – and lapping up attention from the actress’s kids, Sam, 5, and Lola, 4, with ex-husband Charlie Sheen. Moby even posed for a picture with Richards’s dad, Irv, on Twitter.

Richards, responding to fans’ questions on Twitter, said that she’s planning to convert her suburban Los Angeles home’s garage into a sumptuous canine bedroom for all her dogs to share.

Richards is currently filming “Mother’s Little Helpers” with Courtney Love and Sarah Hyland, star of ABC’s “Modern Family.”

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