Demi Lovato Says ‘Lion Heart’ is Tribute Song to Her Late Dog

The song is on Lovato’s latest album, "Confident.”



Singer Demi Lovato has just released her latest album, Confident. To promote it, she’s taken to YouTube to explain what each song means. A recent video reveals that a track from the album – called “Lion Heart” – is a tribute to her late puppy, Buddy, who was killed when he was attacked by coyotes.

“I didn’t realize how meaningful this song would become to me,” Lovato says in the video. “When I lost my little baby Buddy, who was my puppy, and I heard this song for the first time since I had lost him, I just started sobbing because his light is inside of me, and even though he was this tiny little puppy, he had this lion heart.”

Confident is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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