Defining A Black-Footed Ferret

Are there any pet black-footed ferrets?

Q: If my ferret has all black feet, does that mean she is a black-footed ferret?

A: The black-footed ferret is a species native only to North America that is an endangered species. Black-footed ferrets are found in prairie lands or in zoos, but not from ferret breeders or pet shops.

A black-footed ferret has a lightly colored, tan body with a dark mask and dark legs. No domesticated ferrets have the same coloration.

SmallAnimalChannel follows the work of Travis Livieri through blog postings, etc. Livieri works closely with the black-footed ferret in the wild and in breeding facilities that are working to save the species. Check out his work for some excellent pictures of this ferret and the colorations.

The American Ferret Association has a great poster with the common pet ferret colorings so you can correctly identify your own ferret.

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