Decorate With Ferret Stencils!

Jazz up your walls, T-shirts, windows and more by decorating with ferret stencils.

Making ferret stencils is fun and useful for many different types of projects. Stencils can be applied to walls, fabrics, glass and more. Fire up your creativity and get started!

Materials required vary a bit depending on what you’re decorating. If you’re putting a ferret stencil design on walls, use permanent paint. For fabrics like T-shirts, tablecloths, napkins, tote bags etc., you need fabric paint. Be sure to read the label on fabric paints, because some dry permanent while others must be ironed to make them permanent. When stenciling glass, use stained glass paint.

Other materials needed include:
• Stencil sheets (craft and fabric stores should carry these)
• Scissors or Exacto knife
• Paint brushes
• Dark marking pen
• Tape
• Iron (for fabric paints, if needed)

If you don’t wish to use stencil sheets, then heavy, clear plastic or cardboard should work. Do not use corrugated cardboard, but cereal boxes make great cardboard for stenciling.
To start, choose the outline shapes you want to use and size them to the appropriate size. (Click images to enlarge and see entire image.) 

To cut out a stencil on cardboard, place the ferret drawing on top of the cardboard. Cut into the cardboard from outside and to the drawing. Carefully cut around the drawing and exit at the same point that you entered the cut. Tape this opening closed and you now have a cardboard stencil. You can first cut out the drawing (or leave whole) and add rolled tape on the underside to help hold it in place. (Click images to enlarge and see entire image.)

To use stencil plastic, tape down the drawing and place the plastic on top, then tape it down. Then use an Exacto knife to cut out the pattern. To use regular, heavy plastic, you can tape the drawing down, place the plastic on top and draw with a dark marking pen. You can cut with scissors or an Exacto knife. (Click images to enlarge and see entire image.)

You should now have three pieces, the cut out drawing, the stencil and the center part of the stencil. This center part can be used for a reverse stencil, which can be used for cutting out fabric pieces for a quilt, spray painting over the stencil and leaving the ferret unpainted. (Click image to enlarge and see entire image.)

Use these three pieces to place on the wall before you start stenciling to try out different designs. You can reverse the stencil if you decide you want the ferret facing the opposite way. Prepare a wall with a painted background before you start stenciling (please see photo on next page for ideas). (Click image to enlarge and to see entire image.)

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