Décor That’s Perfect for Cat Lovers

For the cat-minded art and décor lovers.

I love décor. I go to model homes and look at the design for inspiration and ideas. It is not unusual to find me sifting through catalogs and websites, looking at how rooms are set up and searching for cute items that’ll go in my house. And I also love changing things up from time to time. So, I thought, what would I need if I were to make a room in my house cat-themed? Tastefully cat-themed, of course.

Luckily, Apartment Therapy had a few ideas for me to start off with. My favorite was the black cat illustrations found on Etsy.

They’re $31.25, and placed in a black frame would look awesome in a kitchen, don’t you think? And if you’re sticking with the kitchen for your cat-themed room, you can add in cat mugs, a cat apron or any number of other items (including a photo of your favorite kitty on your fridge!).

Maybe the kitchen isn’t the room you want to catify. If you choose the living room, try these cat throw pillows:

These go for $45 each and would make a great accessory to your sofa. While they’d look great on a black or even dark brown sofa, think outside of the box a little and try them out on red or yellow couches. The pillows would go great with a framed print of Exposition at Bodiniere ($9.99 to $34.99 at art.com, depending on size).

If you were to decorate a room in your house to make it tastefully cat-themed, how would you decorate it?


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