Deceased Dog’s ‘Message’ To Human Is Bringing Tears To Twitter Users

“Doggie heaven does exist.”

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Bandit and his message to his family. Via BuzzFeed News/Twitter
Cari Jorgensen

It is a very difficult thing to lose a beloved member of the family. Those of us who’ve had to say goodbye to a four-legged companion know how hard it can be. As we mourn, we may post photos of our dog on social media, share stories of him or even search for a sign that he is OK… and perhaps enjoying doggy heaven.

For some, such as Twitter user Catie Callaghan, that sign came in the form of a smiley face at the bottom of her dog’s bowl.

Callaghan’s dog, Bandit, was 15 years old when he passed away following surgery on October 18, Buzzfeed reports. Two days later, Callaghan got the message that Bandit was happy in dog heaven.

And then she promptly posted it on Twitter.

The post garnered more than 11,000 retweets and over 32,000 likes. Not to mention tears. Lots and lots of tears.
Twitter users posted photos of themselves crying in response to Callaghan’s post. Others shared GIFs of people crying. Countless others shared their feelings. Here are some.

1. “I’m crying, RIP Bandit.”

2. “I’m so sad.”

3. “I am literally (not figuratively) crying in lecture.”

4. “It’s so sad.”

5. “Why am I in the crying club?”

We all may be in the crying club after seeing the tweet. RIP, Bandit.

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