Death Row Dog Exonerated In Death Of Other Dog By DNA Evidence

Jeb, a Belgian Malinois dog, was accused of killing Vlad, a Pomeranian.

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A visibly skinny Jeb on the day he was freed. Via Free Jeb-Belgian Malinois/Facebook
John Virata

A disabled veteran from Port Huron, Michigan, whose service dog was accused of killing another dog is thrilled to have his dog back after DNA evidence proved that his dog, Jeb, did not kill his neighbor’s dog.

Jeb, a Belgian Malinois service dog for disabled veteran Kenneth Job, was found standing over Job’s neighbor’s dead Pomeranian dog August 24, and has been on St. Clair County Animal Control’s “death row” since August 24.

WOOOHOOO! Freedom Ride Home!!! He is very skinny! His vet will be checking him out throughly! More pictures later!

Posted by Free Jeb – Belgian Malinois on Wednesday, November 2, 2016

On September 19, Jeb was declared a dangerous dog by District Judge Michael L. Hulewicz of the 72nd Judicial District Court in Michigan and ordered him to be destroyed, according to the Times Herald.

However, in October, Judge Hulewicz issued a 30-day stay of the euthanization order to allow the Job family to conduct a DNA test of the wounds that the Pomeranian, named Vlad, sustained in the attack.

DNA results are in!! Jeb did NOT kill the Sawa's Pomeranian! So let's see how long it takes before they let him come…

Posted by Free Jeb – Belgian Malinois on Wednesday, October 26, 2016

On October 24, the University of Florida’s Maples Center for Forensic Medicine issued their testing report, which determined that DNA samples taken from Vlad did not match the DNA of Jeb, ending what was an emotional ordeal for Job and his family.

“Don’t get me started, cause I’ll start crying,” Job told the Times Herald in an interview that appears on the Free Jeb-Belgian Malinois Facebook page.

Jeb & his BFF Stoney met me as usual when I returned to Dads! Jeb's head & feet look to big body!!! Our poor baby!!!

Posted by Free Jeb – Belgian Malinois on Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Job described life without Jeb as kinda dead, “Because I don’t have him to play with. I’ve got the other dogs but it’s not the same.”

After court fees, DNA testing fees and other fees were settled, a very thin Jeb was returned to his family November 2.

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