Day Two at Westminster 2013

See what happened on the second day of the 137th annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

The 137th annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show began with an exciting first day, with the Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting and Herding Group winners chosen at Madison Square Garden after a long day of Breed judging at Piers 92/94. On day two of competition, Sporting, Working and Terrier breeds began Breed judging early at Piers 92/94 in anticipation of the final Group judging and Best in Show competition at the Garden later in the evening.



8:30 a.m. Judging begins for the Sporting, Working and Terrier Groups at Piers 92/94 and is streamed live on the Westminster Kennel Club website. See the Best of Breed winners below.

  • The oldest BOB winner of the day was Smooth Fox Terrier GCh. Slyfox Sneak’s A Peek, born August 11, 2001.
  • The youngest BOB winner of the day was Sealyham Terrier Ch. Efbe’s Thunder Rd At Burberry, born October 18, 2012.
  • BOB winner German Wirehaired Pointer GCh. Mt View’s Ripsnortersilvercharm was the No. 1 Sporting Dog and Top Dog of all breeds in 2012.
  • Top Working dog and No. 4 dog of all breeds in 2012, Doberman Pinscher GCh. Protocol’s Veni Vidi Vici, won Best of Breed at the Piers.
  • Wire Fox Terrier GCh. Afterall Painting The Sky, the dog that was Best in Show at the National Dog Show and the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in 2012, won her breed at the Piers. ‘Sky’ was the top Terrier of 2012 and also No. 4 all breeds.
  • The BOB-winning Kuvasz GCh. Szumeria’s Wildwood Silver Six Pence was No. 7 all breeds in 2012.
  • BOB winner English Springer Spaniel GCh. Wynmoor Champagne Supernova was the No. 2 Sporting dog and No. 2 dog of all breeds in 2012.
  • Clumber Spaniel GCh. Clussexx Collaboration With Traddles has nine Best in Show ribbons, in addition to being the No. 1 Clumber Spaniel last year. His father, grandfather and great grandfather have all won Best of Breed at Westminster. He was bred by Clussexx Kennel, which produced the 1996 (Clumber Spaniel Ch. Clussexx Country Sunrise) and 2009 (Sussex Spaniel Ch. Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee) Westminster Best in Show winners.

1 and 2 p.m. Junior Showmanship preliminary competition at Pier 94 with judges Emily Bisso and Beth Sweigart.

3 p.m. Best of Breed winners begin to make their way to Madison Square Garden for Group judging.

7:30 p.m. Junior Showmanship finals commence at Madison Square Garden under judge Jason Hoke.

First Place Junior
Savannah Livingston
Black Cocker Spaniel GCh. Dreamweavers Always And Forever
Prize: $6,000 scholarship

Second Place Junior
KayCee Klang
Briard GCh. Deja Vu Mia Cake Walk
Prize: $5,000 scholarship

Third place Junior
Abigail M. Adams
Doberman Pinscher Ch. Blumonts Redemption Road V Notori
Prize: $4,000 scholarship

Fourth place Junior
Raina Moss
Clumber Spaniel Ch. Clumon’s Happy Ever After
Prize: $3,000 scholarship

8 p.m. Group judging, which airs live on the USA Network, commences at Madison Square Garden after the Harlem Gospel Choir sings the national anthem. After Group judging, Best of Breed competition begins, and BIS judge Michael Dougherty chooses his 2013 Best in Show.


Night Two Group Winners

Sporting Group
Judge Karen Wilson
Group 1: German Wirehaired Pointer GCh. Mt View’s Ripsnortersilvercharm
Group 2: Black Cocker Spaniel Ch. Casablanca’s Thrilling Seduction
Group 3: English Springer Spaniel GCh. Wynmoor Champagne Supernova
Group 4: Clumber Spaniel GCh. Clussexx in Collaboration with Traddles






Working Group
Judge Robert Vandiver
Group 1: Portuguese Water Dog GCh. Claircreek Impression De Matisse
Group 2: Doberman Pinscher GCh. Protocol’s Veni Vidi Vici
Group 3: Boxer GCh. Winfall I Dream Of Style
Group 4: Rottweiler GCh. Chancellor Flirt’s Hi Flyin’ Gladiator






Terrier Group
Judge Jay Richardson
Group 1: Smooth Fox Terrier GCh. Slyfox Sneak’s A Peek
Group 2: Wire Fox Terrier GCh. Afterall Painting The Sky
Group 3: Border Terrier Meadowlake Simply Sinful
Group 4: Russell Terrier GCh. Goldsand’s Columbus








Judge Michael J. Dougherty
Best in Show: Affenpinscher GCh. Banana Joe V Tani Kazari
Reserve Best in Show: Old English Sheepdog Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect











Best of Breed Winners in the Sporting Group

GCh. Gourley’s DFL 99 Carat Diamond
(Ch. Millette’s Fire When Ready X Ch. Gourley’s Maximum Bet JH)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Christine Gourley and Aurelia Dundee-Farinas
Owner(s): George Stern and Christine Gourley

Ch. Seasyde Fashion Avenue
(Ch. Majesty It’s Good To Be King X Ch. Cookieland Seasyde Hollyberry)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Helyne E. Medeiros, Sean McCarthy and Tamara McCarthy
Sire: Owner(s): John Griffith, Helyne E. Medeiros and Hailey Griffith

Pointer (German Shorthaired)
GCh. Dogwdcreek’s La Vita E Belle
(Ch. Star K’s Mile Hi Carlos-Stardust X Ch. GDR Unwillyn Sweet Dreams)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder: Lynne Duncan
Owner: Lynne R. Duncan

Pointer (German Wirehaired)
GCh. Mt View’s Ripsnortersilvercharm
(Ch. Ripsnorter’s Thunderhart X Ch. Mountain View’s Next Strike)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Helen George, Claire WisCh and Kelly Wisch
Owner: Victor Malzoni Jr.

Retriever (Chesapeake Bay)
GCh. Pond Hollow Special Delivery
(Ch. Silvercreek What I Like About You X Ch. Pond Hollow Singapore)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Dyane and Jennifer Baldwin
Owner(s): Linda Cayton and Dyane Baldwin

Retriever (Curly-Coated)
GCh. Riverwatch Grand Illusion
(Caballus Zimzalabim X GCh. Riverwatch Bella Freeze)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Gary and Mary Meek, Wanda Marrison and Kelly Purtee
Owner(s): Gary and Mary Meek

Retriever (Flat-Coated)
Ch. Fishercreek S A Star Is Born UD
(Ch. Athercroft Winzer Lets Geaux X Ch. Exotic Fisher Creek Spice UD)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Barry Harrison
Owner(s): Barry and Pauline Harrison

Retriever (Golden)
GCh. Gemini Fallchase The Butler Did It
(Ch. Rush Hill’s Winner Take All X Ch. Fallchase Gemini Markquise Diamond)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Cindi Metcalf and Barbara Tucker
Owner: Yvonne and Jose Herrera, Maura A. Roxby and Cindi Metcalf

Retriever (Labrador)
Ch. Frakari’s Kool As Kiefer
(Ch. Lubgerline Martingale X Frakari’s Inspiration RN OAP OJP)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Catherine Fisher
Owner(s): Catherine Fisher

Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)
GCh. Princess Cut Diamond Beekauz CD RN JH
(GCh. Readyfor Going To The Max X GCh. Vermilion’s GB Miss Ivy Beekauz CD)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder: Sharon KauzlariCh, and Dan KauzlariCh and Katie Kauzlarich
Owner: Sharon KauzlariCh, and Dan KauzlariCh and Katie Kauzlarich

Setter (English)
GCh. Stargaz’R ‘N Wingfield Time Will Tell
(Ch. Chebaco Blames It On Trabeiz X Ch. Stargazrs Simply Amazin)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: P. Skol, L. Biedron, E. Hackett and K. Hanlon
Owner: Don and Pat Coller, and Eileen Hackett

Setter (Gordon)
GCh. Sastya’s Eleven Eleven
(Ch. Sastya Kilernan Annual Review X Ch. Sundance Autumn Celebraton)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Mary Ann Leonard and S. Puhalla
Owner: William Leonard and Mary Ann Leonard

Setter (Irish Red and White)
GCh. Mizen Duchas Dilis JH
(Sheebhin Fionn X Mizen Gael Gra Geal)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Ann Miller
Owner: Judy Baumgartner

Setter (Irish)
GCh. Northwinds First Reign
(Ch. Quailfield Mak’n Business X GCh. Jewelset’s Up Up N Away)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Sharon Reilly, Lisa Summers, Jeffrey Arch and Rebecca Arch
Owner: Rebecca Arch, Jeffrey Arch, Donald Keane and Nancy Keane

Spaniel (American Water)
GCh. Waterway Game Crk Hot Diggity JH
(Ch. Waterway-Game Creek Okie-Dokie X Ch. Waterway-Game CRK Mare-Z Dotes JH)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Linda and Jon Hattrem, and Pamela Boyer
Owner: Linda and Jon Hattrem, Mr. and Mrs. John Rose, and Pamela Boyer

Spaniel (Boykin)
GCh. Sunseeker Pirate’s Code
(Logan Of April Farms X Hollow Creek’s Hot Hawaiian)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Gina C. Plott and Austina Heinz
Owner: Larry F. Knudsen

Spaniel (Clumber)
GCh. Clussexx Collaboration With Traddles
(Ch. Clussexx In Overdrive X Ch. Traddies Mrs Thingummy)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Clussexx, Jamie Hubbard and Sheila Musaeus
Owner: W. Holbrook, B. Dowd, M. Capone, J. Haverick, and A. and P. Jarmillo

Spaniel (Cocker) A.S.C.O.B.
Ch. Trinity’s Tucked Under His Wing
(Ch. Foley’s Hold Your Heart X Ch. Trinity’s Sunshine Rose)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Cheryl Wittlinger, Susan Gray and Stacy Dobmeier
Owner: Susan Gray and Stacy Dobmeier

Spaniel (Cocker) Black
Ch. Casablanca’s Thrilling Seduction
(Ch. Coldry’s Sweet Seduction X Ch. Casablanca Thrilling Indiscretion)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Linda Moore
Owner: B. Vandeman, C. Douglas, M. Walker and L. Moore

Spaniel (Cocker) Parti-Color
GCh. Seemarnan It’s Time To Party At Maroxys
(Ch. Luzanas Look N’ Tri-If-Fic X Seemarnan Oewesome Iris)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Nancy Miller and Marion Valasco
Owner: Elizabeth Mulvey, and Janet and Fred Langley

Spaniel (English Cocker)
GCh. Nonnies No Doubt
(Ch. Nonnies Deja Vu X Nonnies Merrymayer Betsy)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Vickie Umpleby
Owner: Jo Gerrish and Vickie Umpleby

Spaniel (English Springer)
GCh. Wynmoor Champagne Supernova
(Ch. Autumnfire Park Avenue X Ch. Gilchrist Wynmoor Lexus)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Billie, Erin and Charlie Kerfoot, and Ruth Kirby
Owner: Celie Florence, Beth Fink, Ken McWilliams, Erin Kerfoot and Dolores Streng

Spaniel (Field)
GCh. Sandscape Pardon Me Boys
(Ch. Nautica’s Crimson Tide RN X Ch. Nautica’s Lady Be Good)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Corinne Dooley, Nichole Dooley and Danielle Brewer
Owner(s): Corinne Dooley and Nichole Dooley

Spaniel (Irish Water)
Ch. Whistle Stop’s The Wind On Fire
(Ch. Poole’s Ide Got Water X Ch. Whistle Stop’s The Wind Moriah CD RA JH)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder: Colleen McDaniel and Stacy Duncan
Owner: Gregory Siner

Spaniel (Sussex)
Ch Companionway Sutton It Had To Be You
(Ch. Erinhill Cpnwy Mr Fuzzywrinkles X Ch. Companionway In An NY Minute)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Charlotte P. Newton and Constance Holt
Owner: Constance Holt Grenier

Spaniel (Welsh Springer)
GCh. Rolyart’s Tale-Gator
(Ch. Rolyart’s Still The One CD RN X Ch. Rolyarts-Clussexx Tattle Tale RN)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder: Cindy Ford and Shelley Traylor
Owner: Cindy Ford and Shelley Traylor

Spinone Italiano
GCh. Javal I’M Movin On To Hootwire BN RN
(Adinas Mandriano At Valabeau X Javal Virginia Plain)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Val Smith
Owner(s): Debbie Perrott and Shirley Knipe

GCh. Regal Point Pinnacle Of Kilauea JH
(GCh. Kizmar Fabulous Friday X Ch. Poquito’s Regalpoint Rubi Tiara RN JH NAJ)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Stephen Sullivan, Debbie Sullivan, Deborah Duty and Melissa Thomas
Owner: Deborah Verret, Susan Rushing, Debbie Sullivan and Sandra Middlebrooks

GCh. Rosewin Clasic Schwin Of Anson
(Byzfeet American Idol X Ch. Graytsky Ansons Royal Flush Blush)
Sex: Bitch
AKC: SR 51161401
Date of Birth: August 22, 2001
Breeder: Donna Alarie, Janice Lowe and Pamela Sage
Owner: Pamela and Alan Sage, and Marilyn and Walt Gearhart

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
GCh. Flatbrook’s Heir About Him MH
(Ch. Mickey De Baron JH X Ch. Flatbrook Snowbird Ann Royal)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Dick Byrne and Hank Brandes
Owner: Graham and Kristi Rogney, and Dick Byrne


Best of Breed Winners in the Working Group

GCh. Sondaisa Fyre When Ready
(Ch. Regalia’s Fyrestone X Ch. Sondaisa Shivershot Stardust)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Colleen Sullivan, R. and T. Witte, and S. Milton
Owner(s): Colleen Sullivan

Alaskan Malamute
GCh. Catanyas Latin Lover
(Ch. Silverice’s Borne Identity X Catanya’s Girl’s Night Out)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: P. J. Kendrick
Owner: P. J. Kendrick, Armando Martinez and Alisa Syar

Anatolian Shepherd Dog
Ch. Birinci’s Piedpiper Goes Full Circle
(Ch. Full Circle’s Sasquatch X Ch. Birinci’s Green Eggs And Ham)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder: Louise Emanuel and Catherine A. Emanuel
Owner: Jeff Hahn and Nancy Wargas

Bernese Mountain Dog
GCh. Taplacs Invincible Vinny RN
(Ch. Doremis Globetrotter Von Ask X Taplacs Chavon)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Gail Taplac
Owner(s): Eric Buonpane

Black Russian Terrier
GCh. Valkyrie’s Funny Girl RN
(Ch. Setextra Velikoross Pavel X Ch. Setextra Ain’t Misbehavin)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder: Dana Frank Kellerman and Julie W. Parker
Owner: Victoria Vest and Beverly Sothcott

GCh. Winfall I Dream Of Style
(Ch. Brookwood’s Place Of Drama X Winfall I’ve Got Style)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Tina Porter and Lee Stanton
Owner(s): C. and K. Robbins, G. and B. Adkins, T. Porter, L. Stanton and J. Pinson

GCh. Ishanas Singular Sensation At Leatherneck
(Ch. Bullstock’s Heavy Equipment X Ch. Ishana’s Dancing In The Moonlight)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Anna Figueroa and Jean Robinson
Owner: Jean Robinson and Janet Ekstrom

Cane Corso
GCh. Liberty’s Armed And Dangerous
(Dei Rivale Mojo X Liberty’s Major)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder: Joe Hovorka
Owner: Renee Cuzzo and Joe Hovorka

Doberman Pinscher
GCh. Protocol’s Veni Vidi Vici
(Ch. Foxfire All Star X Ch. Protocol’s American Dream CDX RN AX AXJ XF)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder: Jocelyn Mullins and Kevin Mullins
Owner: Suzy Lundy, Dick Lundy, J. Mullins and K. Mullins

Dogue de Bordeaux
GCH Mount Sinai’s Crusader St Amand
(Rhodonite Romeo X Mount Sinai’s Pasha)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Paula Duvall
Owner: Paula Duvall

German Pinscher
GCh. Midernoch A Phortune Of Phranklins
(Ch. Oakwood V Kaitlers Tribute X Chivalry’s Two Weeks’ Notice Of Dabney)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Diana MacPhearson and Allison Lavorato
Owner: Christopher French

Giant Schnauzer
GCh. Kenro’s Witching Hour
(Ch. Skansen’s Armstrong X Ch. Kenro’s Keeping Time)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder: Robin and Ken Greenslade, and Karen and James Mancini
Owner: Robin J. Greenslade, Luke Norton and Doug Hill

Great Dane
GCh. Longo Miller N Lore’s Diamond Lil
(Ch. Sasadnia’s Vitags Frozen Asset X Ch. Longo’s Starry Studded V Miller)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Tootie Longo, Dave and Jay Miller, Lorraine Matherly and Col Charles Crawford
Owner(s): Jay Miller, Tootie Longo, Lorraine Matherly and Col Charles Crawford

Great Pyrenees
Ch. Beren’s Hope Of Thorn Hill
(Ch. Tip’N Chip’s Spirit Of ThornHill CDX RAE X Ch. Patorama Glimmer Of Hope)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Pat Ramapuram and Susan Tucker
Owner: Jacqueline K. Wood

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
GCh. Derby’s Toast With Gusto
(Ch. Derby’s Academy Award X Ch. Derby’s Toast To Belline)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Robyn Toth, Ken Toth and Kristin Kleeman
Owner: Sue Copeland

GCh. Nagyalma Unforgettable Too
(Ch. Lajosmegyi Patent Pending X Ch. Nagyalma Quite The One)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Nancy Liebes and Eric Liebes
Owner: Audrey White and Valerie McNelis

GCh. Szumeria’s Wildwood Silver Six Pence
(Szumeria’s Irish By Nature X Szumeria’s One For The Money)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Lynn Brady, Constance Townsend, Bea Page and Clay Page
Owner: Mercedes Vila, Lynn Brady, Constance Townsend and Claudia Muir

GCh. A. Feiner Eros
(Jodokus Lowe Von WalHall X Lionhill’s Fifisnow Drop)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Lisa Bazlen
Owner: Lisa Bazlen

GCh. Lazy D’s Spartacus At Her Majesty’s Request
(Ivory’s Jack Of All Trades X Ch. Lazy D’s TGI Friday)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Nancy Walker and Mark Tichenor
Owner: Kevin and Lisa Williams

Neapolitan Mastiff
GCh. Ironwood’s Papparazzi
(Vanguard’s Rockbusta Travis X Ironwood’s Macarena)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): James R. Deppen and M. Winkler
Owner(s): Susan Vann-Spruill and James R. Deppen

Ch. Pouch Cove’s Shakespeare Of Britestar
(Ch. Pouch Cove Bowater After Dark X Pouch Cove Britestar Swing Vote)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Sandee Davis and Peggy Helming
Owner(s): Jacquelin Hickey

Portuguese Water Dog
GCh. Claircreek Impression De Matisse
(Ch. Pouch Cove Caribe X Ch. Claircreek Femme Fatale)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Donna Gottdenker
Owner: Milan Lint, Peggy Helming and Donna Gottdecker

GCh. Chancellor Flirt’s Hi Flyin’ Gladiator
(Ch. Marlo’s Bello Soldato X Ch. Chancellor Flirt N’ W Fire)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Wendi Lewellen
Owner(s): Wendi Lewellen

GCh. Mcmagic’s Candied Ham Of Pebblesrun
(Ch. Pebbles’Run Hammy Davis Jr X Ch. White Magic’s Rock N Roll Fantasy)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder: Patti McCallum
Owner: Andrew and Amy Green, and Patti McCallum

Siberian Husky
Highlander’s Rumour Has It
(GCh. Kayenta’s Wildestar North Wind X GCh. Highlander’s Diamonds R’Furever)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Anne R Palmer and Brian Palmer
Owner(s): Marc Ralsky and Correen F Pacht

St Bernard
GCh. Jamelle’s Aristocrat V Elba RN CGC
(Ch. Aksala’s Arie RN X Ch. Jamelle’s In The Nic Of Time)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Michele and Jack Mulligan
Owner: Linda Baker and Edward Baker

Standard Schnauzer
GCh. Charisma Maxim Von Diable
(Ch. Charisma Cafe Diable X Ch. Charisma Jackie-O)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Constance C. Adel
Owner: Linda Adiletti and John Adiletti

Tibetan Mastiff
GCh. Sierras’Sasha-Yakone Nanuk
(GCh. Seng Khri Bartok Of Dawa X Ch. Chenpowerewa Hum Helena Of Sierras’)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Kristina Sherling
Owner: Jim Butler and Ricardo Gallegos


Best of Breed Winners in the Terrier Group

Airedale Terrier
Ch. Penaire’s Chip Leader At Longvue
(Ch. Longvue Jackpot X Ch. Penaire Regalridge Copperpenny)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Joan and William Clarke, Lee Steeves and Ken Curren
Owner(s): Joan and William Clarke, and Todd and April Clyde

American Staffordshire Terrier
Ch. Lobotown Puppy
(Lobotown Goldmember X Squadron Spitfire Of Lobo)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Ermanno Corrada
Owner(s): Rosario Jari Spagna and Ermanno Corrada

Australian Terrier
GCh. Temora Ri Diercc
(Ch. Millvalley Red Rufus X Ch. Truozzys Black Delilah)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Julie M. Seaton
Owner(s): Zane Smith

Bedlington Terrier
GCh. Lamz Eleanor Rigby
(Ch. Isotop’s Hot Shot X Ch. LAMZ Lucky Clover)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Laurie Zembrzuski and Gabrielle Gilbeau
Owner(s): Laurie Zembrzuski and Gabrielle Gilbeau

Border Terrier
GCh. Meadowlake Simply Sinful
(Ch. Kandu’s Marathon Man SE RE X Ch. Meadowlake Angel In My Pocket NA NAJ JE)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Karen Fitzpatrick and Tracy VanNiel
Owner(s): Kiki Courtelis, Karen Fitzpatrick, Joyce Wilkinson and David Fitzpatrick DVM

Bull Terrier (Colored)
GCh. Banbury Bedrock Bright Star Bright
(Emred Huntsman X Banbury Bright Sky Of Bedrock RN NA NAJ)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Mary Remer, R. G. Lamkins, Karin Lamkins and W. E. Mackay-Smith
Owner(s): Mary Remer, R. G. Lamkins, Karin Lamkins and W. E. Mackay-Smith

Bull Terrier (White)
GCh. Bulliards Good Hearted Woman
(Ch. Dajan Top Act With Action X Ch. Shadowood Simply Beewitching)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Michelle Long
Owner(s): Julie Snider and Michelle Long

Cairn Terrier
GCh. Connacht A Ha’Penny Will Do
(GCh. Caledonian Pennybuster Of Wolfpit X Ch. Highland Proudly We Hail)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: M. Patricia Joyce
Owner: M. Patricia Joyce

Cesky Terrier
GCh. Zlatapraha Gillespie Bluefire
(Cantabile Toivo X Zlatapraha Elektra)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Wendy Craig
Owner(s): Pat Huber, Nelson R. Huber and Tim Smith

Dandie Dinmont Terrier
GCh. Clossongrey As You Wish
(Ch. Clossongrey Festivity X Ch. Clossongrey Waterford Delviento)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Miriam and David Couto
Owner(s): Miriam Couto, Sydney Maehara and Amy Judge

Fox Terrier (Smooth)
GCh. Slyfox Sneak’s A Peek
(Ch. Raybills Olympic Medal X Ch. Slyfox Sneeks Up)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Joan and Mark Taggart
Owner(s): J. W. Smith

Fox Terrier (Wire)
GCh. Afterall Painting The Sky
(Ch. Fyrewyre Fast And Furious X Fyrewyre Forget-Me-Not)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): A. J. Pertuit Jr. and Betty Seton
Owner(s): Victor Malzoni Jr., Torrie Steele, S. and M. Olund, and D. Ryan

Glen of Imaal Terrier
GCh. Rainbow Springs Wicklow’s Warrior Of Ber -D-Mar
(Ch. Pajantick Sky Masterson At Malsville X Ch. Rainbow Springs Gotlot Moxie)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Margaret Carty
Owner(s): Wanda Roland, Rick Roland and Margaret Carty

Irish Terrier
GCh. Rockledge McCallen Of Meath
(Ch. Rockledge’s M Fitzsimmons X Ch. Rockledge X-Traspecial Eadaoin)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Linda M. Honey
Owner(s): Linda Honey, Douglas Rapport, Joyce Wilson and Jeanene MacDonald

Kerry Blue Terrier
GCh. True Blue Madonna
(GCh. Edbrios Stradivari X Ch. Rambunctious Fair Lady)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder: Elaine Randall
Owner: Elaine Randall

Lakeland Terrier
GCh. Larkspur Acadia Save Me A Spot
(Ch. Northcote’s No Doubt X Ch. Larkspur Acadia October Sky)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Maria Sacco, Norm and Lynda Kenney, and Susan Fraser
Owner(s): Anthony Barker, Susan Fraser and Maria Sacco

Manchester Terrier (Standard)
Ch. Mickalady’s Breakdancin’ B-Boy
(Ch. Mickalady-BP Surfer Of Vitog X Ch. Mickalady’s Hope U Dance)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Brenda L. Gala and Julia Graham
Owner(s): Molly Evers

Miniature Bull Terrier
GCh. Cambria’s Kid N Play
(Ch. Cambria’s Marcus Aurelius X Ch. Ebet’s Hot Lips Hoolin)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Debra Guerrero and Julie McLaughlin
Owner: Alexander Guerrero and Deb Guerrero

Miniature Schnauzer
Ch. Minuteman Safety Last
(Minuteman Locomotion X Minuteman Madrid)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Catherine McMillan
Owner: Krystal Mason and Catherine McMillan

Norfolk Terrier
GCh. Yarrow Venerie Ticket To Ride
(Ch. Cause For Celebration X Kinsridge Hot Tip)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Beth Sweigart and Pam Beale
Owner(s): John Beale and Pamela Beale

Norwich Terrier
GCh. Skyscot’s Texas Hold ‘Em
(GCh. Skyscot’s Poker Chip X Skyscot’s Pen Pal)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Leslie Becker
Owner: Sharon Esposito MD

Parson Russell Terrier
Ch. Fox Valley Echo
(Ch. Fox Valley Eye Spy X Ch. Fox Valley Tally Ho)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Marcia L. Turner and Thomas E. Turner
Owner(s): John Martin

Russell Terrier
GCh. Goldsand’s Columbus
(Saltisgardens Snille O Smak X Brosing’s Australian Ivory)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Madeleine Sandell-Bark
Owner(s): Mark Ulrich and Christina Areskough

Scottish Terrier
GCh. Lomondview Clementina
(Raglan Royal Connecton With Brio X Lomondview Clementine)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Carol Annan
Owner(s): John and Daphne Eggert

Sealyham Terrier
Ch. Efbe’s Thunder Rd At Burberry
(Ch. Blamendal’s Borninthe USA At Thunder Rd X Ch. Thunder Rds French Kiss Efbe)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): France Bergeron
Owner(s): Lucie Tetreault, France Bergeron and Sarah Hawks

Skye Terrier
GCh. Gleanntan Gaelforce
(Ch. Finnsky Gladiator X Ch. Gleanntan Givemebusybee!)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Gleanntan Kennels Reg
Owner(s): Dr. Travis Wright and Gleanntan Kennel

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Ch. Reyem’s Red Rover Come Over
(Ch. Whindancer Waiting On The World To Change X Ch. Reyem’s Dressed For Dancing)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Gwen Meyer
Owner: Richard G. Hager, Laurie A. Hager and Gwen Meyer

Staffordshire Bull Terrier
GCh. Angranian Derry Mucker
(Ch. Lacklye Diabhal Og X Nickelbar Leap Of Faith)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): K. McEldowney and M. Donaghy
Owner(s): Zane Smith, Adrienne Owen and Breanna Uyeno

Welsh Terrier
GCh. Shaireab’s Bayleigh Maid Of Honor
(Ch. Shaireab’s On Your Honor X Ch. Bayleigh Shaireab’s My Time)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder: Keith Bailey and Sharon Abmeyer
Owner: Tony Lee, Xiangyu Xie, Keith Bailey and Sharon Abmeyer

West Highland White Terrier
GCh. Deerhaven Hez Justin Kredible At Orion
(Ch. Lindenka Delta X Ch. Deerhaven Ima Mae Zing)
Sex: Dog
Breeder: Jane and George Kays
Owner: D. Bouderra, I. Keushgenian, D. and P. Cendel, and J. and G. Kays

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