Day One at Westminster 2014

See what's happening on the first day of the 138th annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show.


Westminster is here! Show dogs and dog lovers flocked to Piers 92/94 as early as 6 a.m. EST today for the start of Breed judging at the 138th annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show. This year 2,687 dogs were entered with a total entry of 2,845 in 187 different Breeds or Varieties, and today breed judging in the Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting and Herding Groups kicks off the annual show. This year the Westminster Kennel Club added more bleachers and chairs around the rings, as well as large TV screens by each ring so spectators could better see judging.

Check back often for updated Breed and Group results throughout the day!



Today’s Schedule (see winners below)

6 a.m. The Piers open for exhibitors.

8 a.m. Breed judging begins for the Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting and Herding Groups at Piers 92/94 and is streamed live on the Westminster Kennel Club website. See the Best of Breed winners below.

11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. All dogs are benched at the Piers.

1:30 p.m. Junior Showmanship preliminary competition at Pier 94 begins with judges Ms. Bonnie Threlfall, Cary, N.C., and Mrs. Julie Virosteck, Wellsville, Kan.

3 p.m. Best of Breed winners are released from benching and bein to make their way to Madison Square Garden for Group judging.

5 p.m. All dogs are benched at Madison Square Garden.

8 to 11 p.m. Group judging, which airs live on CNBC, commences at Madison Square Garden.


Hound Group Placements

Judge Mr. Douglas Johnson of Bloomington, Ind.

Group 1: Bloodhound GCh. Flessner’s International S’Cess
Group 2: Whippet GCh. Sporting Fields Bahama Sands
Group 3: Basset Hound GCh. Topsfield-Sanchu Eenie Meenie Miney Moe
Group 4: Irish Wolfhound Ch. Kuriann Of First Avenue

Toy Group Placements

Judge Ms. Keke Kahn of Sarasota, Fla.

Group 1: Miniature Pinscher GCh. Marlex Classic Red Glare
Group 2: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel GCh. Grantilley Galaxy Moon
Group 3: Pomeranian GCh. CR Chase What Matters
Group 4: Pekingese Ch. Yakee Easily Persuaded

Non-Sporting Group Placements

Judge Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy of Chapel Hill, N.C.

Group 1: Standard Poodle GCh. Brighton Lakeridge Encore
Group 2: Tibetan Spaniel GCh. Kan Sing’s Tenzin
Group 3: Miniature Poodle GCh. Bellefleet’s Living In The Fast Lane
Group 4: Dalmatian GCh. Spotted Bliss Oreo Delight

Herding Group Placements

Judge Mr. Walter Sommerfelt of Lenoir City, Tenn.

Group 1: Cardigan Welsh Corgi GCh. Riverside Telltail Coco Posh
Group 2: Puli GCh. Cordmaker Topsy Turvey
Group 3: German Shepherd Dog GCh. Wolf Creek Galaxy Of Merivern
Group 4: Old English Sheepdog GCh. Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect




Best of Breed Winners in the Hound Group

Afghan Hounds
GCh. Criston Enchanted
(Ch. Mahali Kendall Jackson x Ch. Sandscript-Criston Bit O’Honey)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): C Pinkston & M Friesen & T Elwess
Owner(s): Christine Pinkston

American English Coonhounds
Ch. Moonlight’s Most Wanted In Blue
(Ch Moonlight’s Most Wanted x Spieth’s One Hot Cookie)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Jason & Sianna Spieth
Owner(s): Sianna & Jason Spieth

American Foxhounds
GCh. Kiarry’s Rag Doll
(Ch. Kiarry’s Walk This Way x Ch, Polk’s Minnie Streak)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Harry & Lisa Miller & Connie Petrick
Owner(s): Amanda Alexander & Harry & Lisa Miller

GCh. Jasiri-Sukari Win Tin Tin
(Ch. SkyHi’s Rock Your World x Ch. Jasiri-Sukari Congo Leezza-Rice JC)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Julie & Kathy Jones
Owner(s): Julie & Kathy Jones & Chua Ming Kok

Basset Hounds
GCh. Topsfield-Sanchu Eenie Meenie Miney Moe
(Ch. Maredge Good To Go x Ch. Topsfield-Sanchu Teeter Totter)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Claudia Orlandi & Claire Steidel
Owner(s): Suzanne Sukey Shor & Claudia Orlandi & Claire Steidel

Beagles (13”)
GCh. Bougain’E Naughty-N-Lovely Alvin
(Ch. X’plorer’s Bright Side Of The Dark Lord x X’plorers Floor Fueng Fah)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Somvorn Adungchongruk & Star Ott
Owner(s): Somvorn Adungchongruk & Star Ott

Beagles (15”)
GCh. Tashtins Lookin For Trouble
(Ch. Ha-Penny’s Too Much Trouble x Tashtin I Do De Claire)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Lori D Crandlemire
Owner(s): Lori & Kaitlyn Crandlemire & Brody Cavanaugh & Eddie Dziuk

Black and Tan Coonhounds
GCH Bayaway Jersey’s Due Process Of Law
(Ch. Jersey Blu’s Spirit Of Christmas x Ch. Tri-Blu Della’s Gone)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Debra L Rezendes & Jinnie-Ann Stora
Owner(s): Debra L Rezendes & George Rezendes & Jinnie-Ann Stora

GCh. Flessner’s International S’Cess
(GCh. Flessner’s International Harvester x Ch. Flessner’s Let It Ride)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Bryan & Chris Flessner & Heather Buehner
Owner(s): Shirley VanCamp & Heather Buehner & Zack Helmer

Bluetick Coonhounds
Ch. Evenstar N Heritage Mint Julep
Ch Ghost Creek Jethro Augustus x Evenstar Blue Skies Ahead
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Kimberly Martin & Katherine Barnes
Owner(s): Brenna Potash

GCh. Sylvan Silver Springbok
(Ch. Steppelands Final Mikhail Of Abidjan x GCh. Sylvan Vitrina Finian’s Rainbow JC)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Patti W Neale & Christopher Neale
Owner(s): Christopher Neale & Patti W Neale

Dachshunds (Longhaired)
GCh. Kaycees Galewinns Starburst At Wagsmore MLD
(Ch. Wagsmore’s Captivating ML x Ch. Kaycees Galewinns Pucker Up MLD)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Sherry & Steven Ceplius & Pam Gale
Owner(s): Patrice Stephens MD & Jeff & Karyn Dionne

Dachshunds (Smooth)
GCh. Bessdachs Electric Martini
(Ch. Brownwood Remembrance Of Laddland SS x Ch. Bessdachs Eye Of The Storm)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Marina Renee Lara DVM & Betty Jeffery
Owner(s): Marina Renee Lara DVM & Betty Jeffery

Dachshunds (Wirehaired)
GCh. Del Prado’s Bar Code W
(Ch. Lockshire Live Wire SW x Ch. Del Prado’s Little Scarlett)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Michelle Bedowitz
Owner(s): Ann Bischel & Michelle Bedowitz

English Foxhounds
GCh. Monocacy Bend’s Wellington
(Ch. Mr Stewart’s Cheshire Winslow x Ch. Sunup’s Copper Fox)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Toni Koerber
Owner(s): Toni Koerber

GCh. Grandcru Phelps Insignia
(Fionn Clann Paramount At Sobers x GCh. Grandcru Clos Erasmus)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Rindi Gaudet & Melanie S Steele
Owner(s): Melanie S Steele & Patrick Caddell & Christine Dabbs & Amy Phelan & Rindi Gaudet

Results to come

Ibizan Hounds
GCh. Serandida Abbaio La Contessa Scalza SC
(Ch. Serandida Spirit Of Serqet x GCh. Serandida Spirit Oh My Darling)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Sarah Murphy & Diane Arbeit & Richard Zelig & Susan St John-Brown
Owner(s): Diane Arbeit & Richard Zelig & Sarah Murphy

Irish Wolfhounds
Ch. Kuriann Of First Avenue
(Pitlochry’s O Bryan-Orak x Emerald Of First Avenue)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Regine Vandamme
Owner(s): Judith P Ryan

Norwegian Elkhounds
Gh.H Vin-Melca’s The Norseman
(Ch. Ruskar Ck’s Hy And Mighty x Ch. Vin-Melca’s Bright Image)
Sex: Dog
Vicki L Vermillion & Patricia V Trotter
Owner(s): Patricia V Trotter & Jennifer L Reed

GCh. Scentasia’s End Of An Era CGC
(Ch. Clearwater Howlaway Whatsontap x Ch. Scentasia’s Diamonds Are Forever)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Elizabeth K Conway & Donna Emery & Jessica Moyer
Owner(s): Elizabeth K Conway & Donna Emery & Jessica Moyer

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
GCh. Hicotton Can’T Stop Rockin
(Ch. Dehra Amazona Vidal x Ch. HiCotton Dance To The Music)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Elizabeth Cates & Genie Hunter
Owner(s): Beverly & Tony Childs

Pharaoh Hounds
GCh. Osiris Cowboy Casanova
(GCh. XO EZ JC x Ch. Osiris Lady In Red)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Kathy & Brittany Carella
Owner(s): Taylor Del Duca & Brittany S Carella

GCh. C-Cruz Mob Boss Vito’s Gotcha
(Simmons In DayDream Gotcha x Ch. Sidearm Terrible Tigra)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Chad Arrowood
Owner(s): Amanda Alexander

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
GCh. Houla’s Border Patrol Pw CM
(Heroi DaCase De S Domingos x Elvas Da Terre De Montoito)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Carol Houlihan
Owner(s): Patricia Reisert & Susan & Stacy Faw

Redbone Coonhounds
Ch. Sidearm Return Of The King
(CCh. Sidearm Jungle King Mufasa x Sidearm Red Sonador)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Lori Taylor & Jimmy Mills
Owner(s): Lori Taylor & Jimmy Mills

Rhodesian Ridgebacks
GCh. Raquel Welch Of Malabo Apd
(DC Of Afrikka Spring Valley Dorian Gray RN SC x GCh. Jodie Foster Of Malabo APD)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Ana Paola Diniz
Owner(s): Ana Paola Diniz

GCh. Ladyhawk Guinness The Menace Of Tazi
(GCh. Srinagar Glory Halelujah Of Ladyhawk x Ch. Srinagar Priska)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Deborah Ratliff
Owner(s): SueSan Zamon Ghaemmaghami

Scottish Deerhounds
GCh. Hobarra’s Let’s Get It Started
(Kilbourne Cassius x Ch. Glassonby Desert Rose)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Shawnine & Anthony Cirincione & Terry Rizzitiello
Owner(s): Shawnine & Anthony Cirincione & Terry Rizzitiello

Treeing Walker Coonhounds
GCh. Stackem Up I Did It My Way
(Bolt Action Mundar Rick x Bolt Action Hot Topic)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Stacey Criswell
Owner(s): Tricia L Snedegar & Beth O Snedegar

GCh. Sporting Fields Bahama Sands
(Ch. Sporting Fields Live On x Ch. Mill Landing’s Bahama Breeze)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Dionne Butt & Jesse Martin
Owner(s): Jane Cooney-Waterhouse & Dionne Butt


Best of Breed Winners in the Toy Group

GCh. Yarrow’s Hi-Tech Ben There Done That
(GCh. Banana Joe V Tani Kazari x Ch. Yarrow’s Kyleakin Clairvoyant)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Dr William Trusdale & Mrs William Truesdale & Beth Sweigart & Letisha Wubbel
Owner(s): Dr & Mrs William Trusdale & Letisha Wubbell

Brussels Griffons
Ch. Cashin’s Sizzling Bacon Bit
(GCh. Cashin’s Walk The Line x Ch. Cashnross Big Bit Of Fairy Music)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Carole Ross & Felicia Cashin
Owner(s): Felicia Cashin & Carole Ross

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
GCh. Grantilley Galaxy Moon
(Ch. Grantilley Shadow Moon x Grantilley Loves Design)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): D Cooper
Owner(s): Dr David & Millie Talley

Chihuahuas (Long Coat)
Ch. Bramver’s Royal Tuxedo
(Bramver’s Maro x Bravmer’s Feminine)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Chizuru Kadowaki
Owner(s): Chizuru Kadowaki

Chihuahuas (Smooth Coat)
Ch. Sonnus Filho (Sanchez)
(Ch. Sonno Uomo (Sanchez) x Samara (Sanchez))
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Romulo Sanchez Torres
Owner(s): Romulo Sanchez Torres

Chinese Cresteds
GCh. Daretobebare Flashy Threads
(Ch. Silver Bluff Steel King Legacy x Ch. C-cruz Gold Dig’n At Crest-vue)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Kiko Bisbee
Owner(s): Kerri Perret & Sharon Lyon

English Toy Spaniels (Blenheim & Prince Charles)
Maibee Orlando
(Ch. Maibee Theo x Ch. Maibee Rose Tint)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Bill Moffat & Mrs J Robbins
Owner(s): Cindy H Williams

English Toy Spaniels (King Charles & Ruby)
GCh. Lto Prosperity
(Ch. Lto Decency x Ch. Lto Wonderous)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Mark A Landers
Owner(s): Ray J Cole & Mark A Landers

GCh. Harbor’s Sky-Blue Pink
(Ch. Harbor’s Out Of The Pink x GCh. Harbor’s It Had To Be Me)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Connie Field & Harry Bennett
Owner(s): Connie Field & Harry Bennett & Barbara Call

Italian Greyhounds
GCh. Donavin’s Caramel Macchiato
(Ch. Horizon’s Cruise Control Via 01 Roma x Ch. Marchwind Dolly Latte)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Donna Davis & Jay Davis
Owner(s): Donna Davis & Jay Davis

Japanese Chins
Ch. Chindale’s Anything She Wants
(Royal Muse JP Oudourakudo x Ch. Chindales Frances Longfurred)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Jennifer Stevens & Maripi Wooldridge & Vince Adams
Owner(s): Jennifer Stevens & Maripi Wooldridge & Vince Adams

GCh. Richelieu’s Valentino
(Ch. Delcost Marc By Design x Ch. Richelieu Frosted Lil Angel)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Pat Keen Fernandes & Judy E McQuiston
Owner(s): Judy E McQuiston & Pat Keen Fernandes

Manchester Terriers (Toy)
GCh. Burmack’s Highlander At Chesterfield
(Ch. Burmack’s Pumpkin Pie x GCh. Burmack’s Rosie V Evrmor)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): James Burrows & Patrick Mackesey
Owner(s): Katherine W Levario & Patrick Mackesey

Miniature Pinschers
GCh. Marlex Classic Red Glare
(Ch. Marlex Mister Chips x Ch. Lulin Banana Smoothie)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Carole A Mohr-Rio
Owner(s): Leah Monte & Armando Angelbello

GCh. Wildfire On The Record
(Ch. L’Ete Cadaga Missionary Man x Ch. Wildfire On A Roll)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Angela Pickett & Cheslie Pickett
Owner(s): Nancy Shaw & Angela Pickett & Cheslie Pickett

Ch Yakee Easily Persuaded
(Yakee And Don’t Forget It x Yakee Follow This)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Albert Easdon
Owner(s): Sandra M Middlebrooks & David Fitzpatrick

GCh. CR Chase What Matters
(Ch. CR Tuff Guy Of Isabella x CR N Bachman’s Full Of Mischief)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Robert & Celeste Solano
Owner(s): Pamela Fielder & David B Ford

Poodles (Toy)
Ch. Smash Jp Beauty & Beat
(Ch. Smash JP Trimpal Road x Smash JP Best Woman)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Yukiko Omura
Owner(s): Ron Scott & Debbie Burke

GCh. Caper’s Sirius Endeavor
(Ch Hunsrueck’s Sirius Mozart x Omega’s Knack For Capers)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Carolyn J Fisher & Philip G Fisher
Owner(s): Phillip & Carolyn Fisher & John & Linda Rowell

Shih Tzu
Ch. Hallmark Jolei Rocket Power
(GCh. Hallmark Jolei Austin Powers x Hallmark Jolei Surprise Party)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Luke & Diane Ehricht
Owner(s): Luke & Diane Ehricht

Silky Terriers
GCh. Karisma Heart And Soul
(Ch. Anahab’s Mark It Square x Ch. Karisma It’s Perfectly Clear)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Kathleen gilbert
Owner(s): Margaret Hodge & Kathleen Gilbert & Margaret Gagliardi & Pam Laperruque

Toy Fox Terriers
Ch. Starfox Stealing My Heart At Juslyn
(GCh. Barbary Rough ‘N Ready x Ch. StarFox NY Reign O’Fire)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Sheryl Irwin & Gordon Irwin
Owner(s): Jessy Sutton & Roxanne Sutton & Sheryl Irwin

Yorkshire Terriers
GCh Trio’s Big Shot
(Ch. TyAva’s Sure Shot x Ch. Durrer’s Make A Statement)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Kimberly Goldfarb
Owner(s): Kimberly Goldfarb


Best of Breed Winners in the Non-Sporting Group

American Eskimo Dogs
GCh. Nuuktok’s Atka Inukshuk
(AWD Neskowin Prince x Ch. Thundrpas Chawne Of Nuuktok CD)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Sharon Robertson
Owner(s): Sharon Robertson

Bichon Frises
GCh. Saks Winning Card
(Ch. Saks Encore x Ch. Hamelot Saks Chalets Secret Code)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Roberta Bleecker & Shirley Hamilton
Owner(s): Anthony & Kim MacKenzie & Sandra & Keith Hanson & Cecilia Ruggles

Boston Terriers
Ch. Motif’s Unstoppable At Rio
(Ch. Dh Motif’s Master Of The Game x Ch. Motif’s Mademoiselle Isabelle)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Richard & Suzanne Shiloh
Owner(s): Amy & Karen Beskau

GCh. My Heart’s Bazinga
(GCh. Dowats Decisive Double Down x Ch. Major League My Heart Attack)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Constance R Pankhurst & Teresa McDermott
Owner(s): Constance Pankhurst & Brook Berth & Donna & Lucky Watson

Chinese Shar-Pei
GCh. Jade East Do You Know The Way To San Jose
(Ch. Sundried’s Wrinkled One So True x Ch. Jade East Who Loves You Babe)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Loretta Anders & Karel Nijholt & Esmae Minne
Owner(s): Loretta Anders & Karel Nijholt & Esmae Minne

Chow Chows
GCh. Dreamland’s Startin’ A Revolution
(GCh. Dreamland’s American Revolution x Ch. Dreamland’s Arete Dance Of The Spirits)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Michael & Linda Brantley
Owner(s): Kathy Sylvia & Doug Stewart & Michael & Linda Brantley

GCh. Spotted Bliss Oreo Delight
(GCh. Spotlight’s Storm Chaser x GCh. Chermar’s Princess Perdita)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Daniel Brumfield & Kevin Smith & Cheryl Worden Coe
Owner(s): Daniel Brumfield & Kevin Smith

Finnish Spitz
GCh. Pikkinokka Badgr Sir Barksalot
(Ch. Jayenn’s Tophunter x Ch. Pikkinokka-Kukka Of Storm Valley)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Mathilde A Niquidet
Owner(s): Michelle Badger & Holly M Leftwich

French Bulldogs
GCh. Lionheart’s Fortune Five Hundred
(GCh. Lionheart’s Can’t Touch This x GCh Lionheart Fabelhaft Fortune Teller)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Milan & Jana Miklos
Owner(s): Jana & Milan Miklos

GCh. Kj’s Hot Date
(Ch. KJ’s Billy The Kid x Ch. KJ’s Dream Date)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Kristen Dowd
Owner(s): Kristen Dowd

Lhasa Apsos
GCH Xeralane’s Kid Rock
(Ch. Xeralane’s Rockstar x Xeralane’s Victory Cheer)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Xeralane Kennel
Owner(s): Xeralane Kennel & S Giles & W Harper & M Wolverton & M Santora & A Loso

GCh. Paceaway Play It Again
(Paceaway Xelman x Chinaroad Porsche)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Fran Matthews
Owner(s): P Dyer & L Dyer

Norwegian Lundehund
No entries

Poodles (Miniature)
GCh. Bellefleet’s Living In The Fast Lane
(Ch. Clarion Camelot Quill x Ch. Jordan Minuet)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Sally jordan
Owner(s): William Lee & Alysia Reichertz

Poodles (Standard)
GCh. Brighton Lakeridge Encore
(Ch. Ale Kai Mikimoto On Fifth x Ch. Brighton Curtain Call)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): L’Dyne Brennan & Debra Ferguson-Jones
Owner(s): Toni Sosnoff & Martin Sosnoff

GCh. Dante Fire When Ready
(Ch. Dante’s All Fired Up x Ch. Dante’s Whatever Lola Wants)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Gene Johnson & Amy Gossman
Owner(s): M Jameson & A Gossman & P Allison & S Middlebrooks

Shiba Inu
GCh. Dragon House Mr.Jones
(Ch. San Jo American Idol x San Jo Proud Mary)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Sandi M Smith & Leslie Engen
Owner(s): Sandi M Smith

Tibetan Spaniels
GCh. Kan Sing’s Tenzin
(Ch. Lorac’s Yeshe Wongchhu x Ch. Ambrier’s Nanda Devi)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): M Feltenstein & D Garcia
Owner(s): Martha Feltenstein

Tibetan Terriers
Ch. Barnstorm Sim-Pa Caught On The Fly By Dzine
(GCh. Cedar Barnstorm Ltd. Edition x Ch Barnstorm Sim-Pa-Ly Sparkles By Dzine)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Lynn Meyer & Michael Allway
Owner(s): Lynn Meyer & Michael Allway & P Bernardo & M L Lafler

GCh. Bayshore Georgio Armani
(Moctecuzoma Rivera-Cortes II x Iztacihuatl Arcangel Arena)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): J Frank Bayliss
Owner(s): J Frank Bayliss & Lynda Hylton & Traci Johnson


Best of Breed Winners in the Herding Group

Australian Cattle Dogs
GCh Littleflock The Peacemaker
(Kurpas’ Promise Land x Ch. Littleflock Still Waters RE)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Gaye Lynn Todd
Owner(s): Sherri Swanton, DVM

Australian Shepherds
GCH Copperridge What’s Your Dream
(Ch. Graffiti’s Life Just Got Easier x Copperridge’s No Ordinary Olive)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Pam Heintzelman & Sheree Miller & John Miller
Owner(s): Jasmine Hanigan & Stephen Blanco & Sheree Miller & Jeff Margeson

Bearded Collies
GCh. Dreamchaser Follow Your Dreams
(Ch. Strathearn’s Hart And Soul x Ch. Strathearn’s Dream Chaser)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Debra Quadland & Thomas Dixon & Graeme B Burdon
Owner(s): Carol & Jim Desmond & D Quadland & T Dixon

GCh. Bijou Noir Du Chateau Rocher HT RE
(Oscar Du Sentier Des Savannes x R’Punkin Du Chateau Rocher)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Jean Davis
Owner(s): Jean Tornquist

Belgian Malinois
GCh. Broadcreek’s Elsa
(GCh. Broadcreek’s Marcus Junis Brutus x Ch Broadcreek’s World Traveler)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Susan & Larry Legg
Owner(s): Edward Avellez

Belgian Sheepdogs
GCh. Cibola’s Brazos De Dios Of Adagio
(Ch. Whirlaway De Beauvior Inchallah x Ch. San Brancos Saltarella)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Anna McArtor & William Rabenberg & Melinda Andric
Owner(s): Melinda Andric & January Niemeck

Belgian Tervurens
GCh. Mishaook Lulu At Chateau Blanc
(Ch. Nicha’s Dylan At Chantryile x Ch. Mishaook’s Havana Hana)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Lawrence Stanbridge
Owner(s): Darlene Laurin & Janina Laurin

Border Collies
GCh. Tang Dynasty Rocky
(Sportingfield’s Surfs Up x Kerrybrent NZ Kiwi Ray Of Lite)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Tang Nan
Owner(s): Tang Nan & Henry Su

Bouviers des Flandres
GCh. Stonepillar’s Steel Blu
(Ch. Quiche’s Eye Of The Storm x Ch. Stonepillar’s Special Jewel)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Bruce & Diane Hamm & M J Sears
Owner(s): Julianna & Daniel Garrison & Elaine Paquette

GCh. Lighting Strike El Xargall
(Iago El Xargall x Grace Kelley’s Dalido)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Elena Alberich Rodriguez
Owner(s): Tommy Millner & Merry Jeanne Millner

Canaan Dogs
GCh. Pleasant Hill Magnum Of Samara
(Ch. Lahat Me Shaar Hagai x Ch. Jealou Hum’nbird Whoopedoo)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): D Dodson
Owner(s): Pamela Stacey Rosman

Cardigan Welsh Corgis
GCh. Riverside Telltail Coco Posh
(Ch. Twinroc Santa Paws x Ch. Telltails Showgirl)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Julie & Bill Divens & Deb Shindle
Owner(s): Dina Planche & Deb Shindle & Julie & Bill Divens

Collies (Rough)
GCh. Devinwood A Perfect Stranger
(Ch. Windhaven Stranger In Paradise x Ch. Devinwood Ramblin Rosie)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Jacqueline A Caruso & Ronald Caruso
Owner(s): Jacqueline A Caruso & Ronald Caruso

Collies (Smooth)
GCh. Bit O Heavens Sorceress CD PT RN
(Ch. Lisara’s Sorcerer x Dunrobin Angelica)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Michelle Tennis
Owner(s): Michelle & Laura Bergstraser & Jessica LaFrenier

Entlebucher Mountain Dogs
No entries

Finnish Lapphunds
GCh. Sugarok Guardian Spirit
(Lapinlumon Noaidi x Viksalan Noaidi)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Linda Marden
Owner(s): Linda Bostic

German Shepherd Dogs
GCH Wolf Creek Galaxy Of Merivern
(Ch. Kenlyn’s Aries V Hi-Cliff x Tazzaman’s Demilo Of Merivern)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Pat Walker & Mary Ann Imhoff
Owner(s): Edward Farrell & Pat Walker

Icelandic Sheepdogs
GCh. Bjarkarkots Hroi Hottur Luke MX AXJ OF
(Stefsstells Skrudur x Solarstjornu Lina Saela)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Erla Bjork Theodorsdottir
Owner(s): Loren Dribinsky

Norwegian Buhunds
Ch. Trollheimen’s Pink Tourmaline
(Ch. Caredig Here Comes The Taxman x Trollheimen’s Arctic Ridge ONYX)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Else Turner
Owner(s): Patricia Faye Adcox & Else Turner

Old English Sheepdogs
GCh. Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect
(GCh. Bugaboos Big Shot x Ch. Bugaboos Georgie Girl)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Colton & Heather Johnson
Owner(s): Ron Scott & Debbie Burke & Colton & Heather Johnson

Pembroke Welsh Corgis
GCh. Aubrey’s Moon River
(GCh. Heartsong Brynlea Pavarotti x Ch. Aubrey’s From This Moment)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Cynthia M Savioli & Vincent J Savioli & Roberta M Lord
Owner(s): Cynthia M Savioli & Vincent J Savioli

Polish Lowland Sheepdogs
GCh. Swan Crest The Power Of Love Eternal
(Ch. Tramperus Wawel x Ch. Swancrest Windy City Magic)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Ryan Wolfe & Magdalena D Hirata & Lisa Bettis
Owner(s): Ryan Wolfe & Magdalena D Hirata & Lisa Bettis

GCh. Cordmaker Topsy Turvey
(Ch. Bokar Artful Dodger x Catsun Corroboree)
Sex: Bitch
Breeder(s): Sue Huebner
Owner(s): Jacquelyn Beaudoin & Sue Huebner & Penny Kelly

Pyrenean Shepherds
GCh. La Brise Sun Bear
(La Brise Rainbeau Rabbit x GCh. Aoubere Du Val D’Ares)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Patricia Princehouse
Owner(s): Patricia Princehouse & Kathryn Lanam

Shetland Sheepdogs
GCh. Grandgables The Frat Boy
(Ch. Grandgables Boy Oh Boy x Ch. Grandgables Homecomin’ Queen)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Guy Jeavons & Mark Houston-McMillan
Owner(s): Pamela Buckles & Andre Buckles & James Moses

Swedish Vallhunds
Ch. Fantasi Starlight Tiwaz PAX MXP3 MJP3 RA CD BN PT THD MXPB MJPB
(Valhall A Vovvar’s Frej x Ch. Pavon Vivien Leigh)
Sex: Dog
Breeder(s): Pamela & Nicole Abrath 
Owner(s): Michelle Gooden

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