David Beckham, Britney Spears Inspire Dog Names

Brits like to name their dogs after pop singers, soccer stars, and members of the royal family.

What do Paris Hilton, Elvis Presley, David Beckham, and Britney Spears all have in common?

They’re the celebrities most Britons are likely to name their dogs after, according to research by a 2007 U.K. pet charity PDSA, an organization that provides free veterinary care for pets in need.

Other celebrities who inspire pet names include Ozzy Osbourne (Ozzy), singer Robbie Williams (Robbie), Prince Harry or Harry Potter (Harry), soccer star David Beckham (Beckham), Paris Hilton (Hilton), and Elvis Presley (Presley).

The pet charity examined the names of animal patients at 47 PetAid hospitals this year for the findings and discovered a marked increase in celebrity-inspired pet names.

Interestingly, celebrities themselves aren’t immune to the trend.

David Beckham named his dogs Snoop and Puffy after the rap stars, and singer Joss Stone’s Poodle is named after Dusty Springfield.

PDSA timed the research to coincide with the launch of the charity’s Pet Pawtraits Calendar, which features photos of 12 celebrities with their pets, including actor Sean Austin and his mixed-breed dog, Luigi.

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