Dave the Math Dog Goes Back to School

The talented Golden Retriever can add, subtract, divide, and motivate students.

Dave the Math Dog, the Golden Retriever who can add, subtract, divide, and even solve basic square roots, visited a Terre Haute, Ind., middle school this week to get students excited about math.

“We just like to keep [students] motivated in math, because math is a very important subject,” said Dave’s owner Frank Ferris, in an interview with WYHI-TV. “If you miscalculate in math, you either don’t have something straight or you’re in the wrong place,” Ferris joked.

Dave the Math Dog, who turns 10 years old in March, has appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” and also understands sign language.

“I thought he was really smart,” said Chauncey Rose Middle School sixth-grader Hailey Reynolds. “I could never do anything that complex.”

Dave the Math Dog will appear next at a school in Tuscola, Ill. To learn more about Dave, visit his website.

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