Daughter Teaches Dad How To Selfie And This Happens

Photos of a dad and his dog win our vote for best selfies ever.

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Dad and dog selfies
TBH, any selfie is made infinitely better if it includes a dog. Via Bored Panda
Stephanie Brown

If you scroll through Instagram for any length of time, you’ll likely come across a number of selfies. It’s a social media trend our generation just can’t seem to get enough of (for better or for worse). But that doesn’t mean our parents can’t get in on some selfie action. Or their pets for that matter!

One dad and his dog are winning the selfie the game thanks to a little coaching from the man’s daughter. Selfies of the man, who has not been identified, posing with his adorable dog are making the rounds on the internet, and they are just too pure for this world.

dad and dog pose for selfie

Work it! Via Bored Panda

The dynamic duo seriously look like they are having the best time ever. These are probably the best selfies we’ve ever seen. (These cat selfies are a pretty close second.)

Bored Panda reports that the photos were originally posted to the “Cool Dog Group” Facebook page. It’s believed that the man’s daughter educated him on the art of the selfie, which in turn allowed him to then he graduate to viral selfie status.

While some may want the selfie trend to die already, we’re happy to see it continue as long as we end up with gems like these.

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