See One Dapper Rabbit’s Style Evolution On Instagram

Bunny PuiPui and his many hats have style for days.

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This rabbit's got swagger. Via Mumitan/Instagram
Anastasia Thrift

Rabbits can be apprehensive, navigating the world by listening out for danger with their great big ears and taking investigatory sniffs with their bunny noses. Once they feel comfortable in their environment, though, they hop right into the situation. Same goes for their style: tame at first then bold, bold, bold.

At least that’s the case with PuiPui, whose owner posts photos of the bunny in several snappy outfits on Instagram. The first pictures of the Holland Lop from Tokyo, Japan, displayed maybe a single accessory. As the account has grown, however, so has PuiPui’s sassy fashion confidence. Observe.

1. World, Meet PuiPui.

ママの帰りを待ってるぉ #rabbit #bunny #うさぎ

A photo posted by PuiPui the bunny (@mumitan) on

A fresh-faced Instagram rookie.

2. Let’s Try A Tie.


A photo posted by PuiPui the bunny (@mumitan) on

Showing signs of mild discomfort in his first accessory. This will soon fade.

3. Experimenting With New Looks.


A photo posted by PuiPui the bunny (@mumitan) on

Howdy, partner.

4. Getting Comfortable Sporting New Themes.

* 帽子のポンポンがお気に入りだぉ( •̀ .̫ •́ )✧ *

A photo posted by PuiPui the bunny (@mumitan) on

Remember when you were in your French sailor phase, PuiPui?

5. Going Bold.

You’ve hit your stride now, PuiPui.

6. Jolly Good Show.

Now the handsomeness is getting ridiculous.

7. Outfit Ideas Are Elementary, You Fashionable Bunny.

No mystery here: PuiPui’s outfits are on lock.

8. Full-Blown Confidence Phase.

PuiPui’s comfort level is so high he can rock any look, and not everyone can pull off “Steampunk Groom.”

9. Of Course, All This Foxiness Starts From Within.

This rabbit knows that outer beauty requires inner beauty, and a healthy balanced diet is a great place to start.

10. Turning The Tables.

What will PuiPui’s style inspire you to wear? Inquiring photo bunnies want to know.

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