Danish Zoo Kills Four Healthy Lions

The Copenhagen Zoo, which had slaughtered and dissected a giraffe in front of children a month ago, has killed two lions and two lion cubs.

The Copenhagen Zoo has euthanized four lions to make room for a male lion, news agencies are reporting. The zoo, which garnered media attention last month for killing a giraffe and feeding it to other animals in front of visiting children, put down two lions and two 10-month-old cubs Mar. 24.

A spokesperson said the zoo killed the lions because a new male lion coming to the exhibit would have killed them “as soon as he got the chance.”
It’s unclear whether nearby zoos would have taken in the big cats, but other zoos had spoken up when Danish zookeepers shot 18-month-old Marius the giraffe with a bolt gun to the head, dissected him and fed him to lions in front of small children visiting the zoo.

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