Dangers and Solutions

Identify and protect your kitten from these common household dangers.

Danger: Poisons. Everything from rat poison to weed killer and insecticides. They’re all dangerous, and your kittens fascinated by all of them.

Solution: Stop using so much nasty stuff. Get rid of the old chemicals lying around. Keep the ones you absolutely must use secured in a locking cabinet away from your kittens usual living area. Make sure the cabinet offers no way in through openings or holes in the sides or back.

Danger: Household chemicals. Even if they aren’t poison, they can harm a kitten. Bleach, ammonia, detergents, paint, hair products, prescription and non-prescription drugs, and cleaning supplies all can cause problems for sensitive noses, eyes, ears and tummies.

Solution: Read the labels on products you keep in your home. Take warnings about health hazards seriously, for yourself and your pet. Make sure your kitten can’t get to the places where you store them. And think about residue. A puddle of bleach lying on the floor can create as many problems as a whole bottle sitting on the shelf.

Danger: Automotive chemicals. Cats love antifreeze. Antifreeze hates cats. Petroleum products stick to your kittens paws and fur and then get licked off. Automatic transmission fluid, brake fluid, battery acid and their residues are all dangerous to your young charge.

Solution: Keep your kitten out of the garage. Make the door connecting the garage and the house off limits for everyone until your kitten grows up enough to be more visible to you when you open a door. Keep the garage clean: no spills, drips or open containers.

Danger: Sharp things. Think about all the sharp or pokey things we leave lying around – scissors, pins and needles, knives, razors, broken glass. They all look like toys to a playful kitten.

Solution: Do what your mother always told you to do: Put away your things after you use them. Keep all sharp objects securely locked away in cabinets or drawers even Super Kitten can’t get into.

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