Danger Mouse And Penfold Are Back To Save The World

The famous British cartoon from the 1980s and early 90s began airing new episodes today. Will the world ever be the same?

fact about Danger Mouse and Penfold
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They’re back!

A secret agent mouse and his sidekick hamster have adventures — that was the premise for the cartoon “Danger Mouse,” which aired from 1981 to 1992 on the ITV network in the United Kingdom. Each of the 161 original episodes was 10 minutes long. It was 1984 before “Danger Mouse” made an appearance on U.S. television in syndication. When the series ended in 1992, it first seemed that reruns would be the only way to catch “Danger Mouse.” All of that changed today.

Today has been declared by some as #DangerMouseDay, because a reboot of the series premiered on CBBC in the United Kingdom. It is scheduled for 52 episodes running approximately 22 minutes each.

After 23 years and 6 months, you have just ONE more hour to wait! #DangerMouse begins again at 6pm, CBBC ????

Posted by DangerMouse on Monday, September 28, 2015

For the reboot, Danger Mouse is being voiced by Alexander Armstrong and Penfold, the hamster, is being voiced by Kevin Eldon. Colonel K, Danger Mouse’s boss, is voiced by Stephen Fry and villain Baron Greenback is voiced by Ed Gaughan. Lena Headey voices Jeopardy Mouse, who is the American equivalent to Danger Mouse. The narrator is now Dave Lamb. In addition to the new voice actors, some other tweaks were made, chief among them incorporating some of today’s technology. For instance, his eye patch is now an ipatch, which features multiple state-of-the art functions, according to the BBC website.

The show was known for its crazy adventures and humor, with the cartoon pair saving the world amid much silliness.

According to an article in Variety, the new “Danger Mouse” will be available in the United States on Netflix in spring 2016.

For now, based on some tweets, many fans in the United Kingdom are just delighted to have their secret agent mouse back. Were you a fan of “Danger Mouse”? What is your favorite memory of the show? If you’ve seen the new show, what did you think?

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