Fashionable Dog’s Wardrobe Will Make You Jealous

Queenie keeps 35,000 Twitter followers happy with her fabulous dog fashion.

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Pearls, check. Feathered hat, check. Doggie evening gown, check.
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It’s only a dog in a satin brocade bodice, lace and taffeta skirting and teeny tiny feathered chapeau, NBD.

Queenie Woof Woof is a 2-and-a-half-year old chocolate tricolor Chihuahua with a massive wardrobe and web following, as her owners discuss in a YouTube video. Mother and daughter owners Josie Carter and Kelly Pearce, who run the UK dog accessory shop Licks of London, indulge the urge to dress up this tiny fashion plate. It’s all completely ridiculous and incredibly fun, and Queenie now has more than 35,000 followers on Twitter who keep up with the madness.

“The thing is with Queenie, she’s a lot like a woman, she takes forever to get ready because there’s so many things you’ve got to think about,” Kelly says in a video. “We think about makeup and hair and she’s not that far away from us. She has to smell good, she has to look good. She has to make sure her outfits match with her blingy collars.”

"What to wear today ...?" Via Caters Clips/YouTube

“What to wear today …?” Via Caters Clips/YouTube

Outfit choices don’t end there. ALL the dog accessories must match.

“We also have to then decide what poo bags to pick because obviously the poo bags have to match the outfit,” Kelly continues. “From start to finish getting ready in the morning it can take a good half hour just to get ready to put on the lead and take her for a walk.”

Queenie turns heads, they say. That would account for her many online fans.

“People will come up to her and see her and chat to us about her outfit.” Josie says.

Catwalks are everywhere when you look this good. Via Caters Clips/YouTube

Catwalks are everywhere when you look this good. Via Caters Clips/YouTube

It’s all boas and bling for Queenie, sure. But they admit that looking good doesn’t come cheap.

“The only concern we have about Queen is how much money we spend on her,” Kelly says.

Josie concurs, in a very British way.

“It’s very vulgar to talk about money, but if you’re going to talk about it, it’s over 10 grand a year — and we love it,” she says.

See some of Queenie’s best looks here.

1. It’s All In The Details

Who are you wearing, Queenie?

2. Perched On A Lovely Settee


“This is how I dress for sitting on a chair.”

3. Clowning Around

“I’m a joker, a smoker, a midnight toker. (Not really.)”

4. Happy Christmas!


Wishing you Merry Christmas so hard right now.

5. Dog Fashion Police

Kelly and Josie don’t mess around. Keep your collar in check and your fur on fleek.

6. Casual Chi Chic


Ready to binge-watch and have real talk with you.

7. Leopard Print In Effect

Stop. Just stop.

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