Daisy The Bulldog Is Ready For Summer (Bikini Included)

This dog is all about the sun and swimming.

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Rockin' summer bikini-style. Via 1blue_eyed_bulldog/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

Summer has arrived. It’s time for swimming pools, backyard barbecues and the beach. While some of us love the heat, others of us can’t wait for fall. Daisy the Bulldog definitely falls into the former category. The 1½-year-old dog loves summer. Really. She’s all about getting some sun and swimming in the pool. And yes, she even wears a bathing suit.

Her summertime adventures have been documented on Instagram, much to our delight. So how is Daisy spending her summer? Take a look:

Summertime Activity No. 1: Taking A Walk In The Park

A stroll never felt so cool.

Summertime Activity No. 2: Watching TV With Friends

Even dogs yell at the screen.

Summertime Activity No. 3: Swimming

Bathing suit included.

Summertime Activity No. 4: More Swimming


Summertime Activity No. 5: Even More Swimming

Seriously, this dog loves to swim. It should be noted, however, that it is stated on her Instagram page that this breed tends to sink due to its weight and life vests should be worn, along with complete supervision.

Summertime Activity No. 6: Chillin’ By The Pool

Because what else is a dog to do after all that swimming?

Summertime Activity No. 7: Taking Naps Outside

Warm weather is perfect for napping outdoors.

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