Daily Shower For Ferrets

Is it OK to let a ferret run in a shower daily if it only touches water.

Q: My ferret, Karn, is about 5 months old and is fascinated with the tub/shower, especially when the shower is running. He tries very hard to jump in with me, and I’m sure he’s going to soon. Would it be harmful to Karn to let him in the shower with me every day? I know you’re not supposed to bathe them often, but what about letting him get wet like this? I don’t intend to give him a shampoo, but just to let him play around.

A: There should be no problem with a daily shower for your ferret as you describe it. Make sure that the water drains continuously so there is no chance of drowning. Also be certain that there is no chance your ferret will ingest this water or aspirate any of it into his lungs.

As you said, there should be no possible way that shower products meant for people, such as shampoos, gels and cleaners, are ingested by your ferret or come in contact your ferret’s hair and skin.

Finally, watch your ferret closely to make sure these daily showers do not cause his skin to dry out. You would see that by a noticeable flakiness to the skin under his hair.

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