Dachshunds Unleash Their Inner Minion and It’s the Cutest Thing Ever

Despicable Me’s minions are adorable on their own, but when you add dogs in the mix, they get a whole lot cuter.

If you have children or nieces and nephews, chances are you’ve seen “Despicable Me” hundreds of times. Thanks to a then 3-year-old, I’ve probably seen it enough times to recite the lines while it’s playing. But I always thought the minions were cute and hilarious (who didn’t?!). Apparently the love of the yellow cartoon characters goes beyond children and the adults who watch the movie with them. Dogs are now expressing their minion admiration by dressing up like them. These two Dachshunds look so adorable that you can’t watch the video only once. My favorite part is when they run – too funny! Let us know your favorite part of the video in the comments below.

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