Dachshunds At The 1916 Chicago Dog Show

The Dachshund dog breeders strive to perfect the perfect working dog according to this special dog show review.

From the Archives of Dog World: Enjoy this all-access pass to dog history from the pages of the longest published dog magazine. This content remains in its original form and reflects the language and views of its time. Health and behavior information evolves and only the most current advice should be followed.

Dog World April 1916Dachshunds greeted the judge with the largest entry of the breed in its history in Chicago. Not only was this the banner year numerically but also in quality, making very close going between the many competitors and making thereby an unenviable task for the judge. The consistent breeders of these little workmen are following the precedents set for them by the German veterans and are directing their efforts toward a working dog, giving the highest valuation to conformation, strength and agility and putting less weight on type. With the exception of one or two, there were no really unsound or weak dogs in the entire entry.

In dogs Mrs. Erhardts Teckelheim Traum stood considerably above the others and went to winners, reserve to Doctor von Wildhof a nice small typy one. A dog that was unfortunate in running was Prinz von Forsthof, who unfortunately had an off day and would not show nor move well, otherwise he would easily have crowded the winner. The lack of good handling was apparent in many instances. In bitches a real flyer went to winners in Mr. Wendlands Hue Fass Fuchs Jagerlust, who beat another good one in Mrs. Ebrhardts Erna von der aide. Erna was shown too fat and still we believe that if she were shown in less flash then would be several body faults apparent that do not show at the present time, she also lets down a bit in hod.

Mr. Wendlands bitch on the contrary shows a perfect square backstand, her shoulders and quarters are in the truest angles and she has a beautiful neck and set on, and has a perfect level back. All the other bitches shown here are also of very high quality. In fact there was not a medium one in the entire lot. In fact of all the huds shown at this affair, none of them compared with the wonderful quality shown in this breed.

Excerpted from Dog World magazine, April 1916, Vol. 1, No. 4. For back issues of Dog World, click here.

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